Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey (PC) Preview

By Athanasios 02.11.2019

Review for Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey on PC

When it comes to Brexit, there are many that express fears of a probable economic breakdown, fears of Britain becoming a fascist state, and fears of the consequences that this "divorce" will have for Europe as a whole. If these morons knew any better, then they would speak the truth: Brexit will bring forth a zombie apocalypse! Developed by Binary State, and partly written by Jonathan L. Howard, (of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer fame), Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey follows the adventures of a girl and her zombie friends in a post-Brexit UK, where the dead have, once again, become a little more hungry than usual.

Brexit decreased the available manpower, leaving Britons to handle all menial tasks - and they would rather die instead of actually doing them, which leads to the perfect solution, which is a new scientific breakthrough that enables the British government to exploit the dead, in order to turn them into the state's new workforce. As expected, things don't turn out that swell, zombie apocalypse ensues, and it's this world where Hope Andrews, a girl handy with tools, has to survive.

Wacky? Yes, but Ghoul Brittania seems to not be aware of that, and as a result, doesn't take advantage of its concept - and if the game doesn't care why should you? More importantly, while obviously a comedy, not only this isn't funny, it rarely even tries to be so. As for the political commentary expected from something dealing with Brexit (yeah, and zombies), apart from a few lines of dialogue that could be described as satire, this doesn't really care much about politics.

Screenshot for Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey on PC

Sure, when compared to the gameplay, character interactions remain the better half of the journey. Sadly, while somewhat enjoyable, the dry humour on offer is a bit too dry, and the characters are almost completely forgettable. At least it's all nice too look at, with a neat visual style where 3D cartoonish characters move on 2D, room-sized dioramas. The music, however, is totally out of place, as it's more suited to a Resident Evil theme, rather than a comedy - even a dark one.

Unfortunately, the real disappointing part is the actual process of playing this. Ghoul Britannia controls like the simplest point-and-click adventure imaginable, without any fancy mechanics like in the - fantastic - Whispers of a Machine. It's just you, a 10-slot inventory, and then "puzzles" that require the use of any items you'll find and place in these slots. And it's all boring as hell.

All obstacles have Hope (and later on, a second, undead character) picking items that will let her keep on moving, without much happening during that, with the whole thing feeling strongly like a long list of chores, instead of… well, an adventure. The dry humour on offer is easy to stomach, and occasionally (edit: rarely). What about a dry, non-immersive world, with an even drier gameplay, though? Sure, this preview built was just a small taste; a 70-minute intro to post-Brexit zombie apocalypse, but a tiny sample is still a sample, and if this is anything to go by, fans of the genre should probably not expect much from the full release.

Screenshot for Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey on PC

Final Thoughts

For an adventure taking place in a world were Brexit has brought forth a zombie apocalypse, Ghoul Britannia is quite the forgettable, and humourless one. Comedy, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. What about chore-ish, boring, uninspiring gameplay, though? For now, there sadly seems that there's no hope for the 'Land of Hope and Gorey.'


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