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By Lilly Kirchner 10.02.2020

Review for Infini on PC

Soon to be available on Steam, Infini is a new title developed by Barnaque and published by Barnaque, a studio of developers based in Montréal, aims to deliver unique experiences with their titles. Their newest release, Infini, embraces topics such as poetry, memory, technology, as well as war and fatality in a puzzle game. Here's a brief look at it…

While the trailer for Infinity raises expectations, the demo is surprisingly disappointing. Without any instructions or story, you are thrown right into the fray. Of course, it is not very difficult to figure out what needs to be done, but it does feel a bit as if a cut-scene was skipped by accident; like some kind of story is missing. It seems too abstract to be a simple puzzler that does not need further explanation.

In fact, it is so abstract that players may find themselves continuing to play in the hope of finding some kind of story or explanation. At one point, however, frustration may set in and the game may be quit. It would have been nice to have some story elements a bit earlier in the demo.

Screenshot for Infini on PC

As for the gameplay, it's rather simple. The object the player is controlling can be moved left or right, and can be slowed down or sped up. That is all there is to it. By moving the object, slowing it down and speeding it up, the player is required to guide it into a point to finish the puzzle - and the whole thing has to be restarted if the object hits one of the walls.

The puzzles get continuously harder, with a very nice learning curve, however it is essentially the same puzzle over, and over again. This can become quite tedious, and it's something that could be improved by more frequent scenes or stories of some kind, or even different kinds of puzzles.

As for the visuals, while are abstract, they are very simple. There is not much happening in the sense of animation, except for moving obstacles that have to be avoided, and these are mostly straight lines moving in different directions. The object one can move seems to be a statue, so it is not very exciting. The lack of music may be an artistic choice, but this game seems to generally offer little sound at all. This may be different in the full release, but it makes the demo somewhat disappointing nonetheless.

Screenshot for Infini on PC

Final Thoughts

While seemingly intriguing, the demo for infini disappoints in most aspects. The full release will most likely look somewhat different, so players may have to wait for it to arrive before forming an opinion. The demo's puzzles offer an interesting way of playing for a short time, but this gets simply boring after a couple of minutes, with nothing else to reward you with. Sometimes video games can be too abstract, and it is easy to forget that some players enjoy a story or reward systems.








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