Granblue Fantasy: Versus (PlayStation 4) Preview

By Neil Flynn 18.02.2020

Review for Granblue Fantasy: Versus on PlayStation 4

Beginning as a browser game for iOS and Android, the Granblue Fantasy series has come a long way in the near six years it has been around, now boasting a popular online mobile RPG and anime series to boot. Cubed3 recently got their mitts on the first few starter missions of the new RPG mode in the anticipated PlayStation 4 fighter Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

The pedigree of Granblue Fantasy's history of being an RPG game prior to it being a stylish fighting game is not really telling from the short demo that Cubed3 got to experience. RPG mode starts with a training regimen of sorts to get players used to the controls and combo schemes that can be executed.

After the first few missions' players should be familiar on how to string combos together, guarding and evading oncoming attacks. Each mission (or level) have sub-missions such as ranking at a particular performance grade (e.g. S Class), hitting a number of skill hits, combos or max chains. In return players are rewarded with in-game currency such as rupees and skill shards which can be then used to upgrade fighter's skill trees and weapons.

Screenshot for Granblue Fantasy: Versus on PlayStation 4

The entry tutorial teaches players on how to check, upgrade and sell supplies but also on the competitive advantages that different elemental weapons have over each other. By using the aforementioned skill shards and rupees these weapons can be upgraded and HP and ATK stats can be altered.

The story features beautifully animated cutscenes and dual audio which give an overall authentic vibe for a true anime style fighter. The story is fleshed out in the opening portion of RPG mode, most notably Katerina is looking to take Lyria back to the Erste Empire, but the ever-growing number of heroes ranging from Gran, Rackam, Io and Vyrn are there to bat away any of the imperial soldiers who try to take her.

Screenshot for Granblue Fantasy: Versus on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately the demo didn't really give much indication on how the rest of the story mode will progress as this is only the opening segment. From what Cubed3 have seen so far there is a beautiful anime style story ahead, but the mode does not appear to be overly fleshed out, instead battling waves of enemies on a single screen. These enemies didn't really pose a threat or put up any resistance during the demo but then this is understandable given that this was the start of the game. RPG mode aside Granblue Fantasy: Versus has a stellar fighting game packed into it that any fan should be excited for, but the jury is still out on whether the RPG mode is the killer USP for Granblue Fantasy: Versus.


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