AVICII Invector (Nintendo Switch) Preview

By David Lovato 04.08.2020

Review for AVICII Invector on Nintendo Switch

Developed by Hello There Games, a Swedish studio, AVICII Invector tasks players with guiding a spaceship to the beat of some of the late DJ's famous tunes. The ship moves along a track, although players do have some influence over exactly where it is, and colour-coded symbols mapped to the Switch's buttons approach in tune to the current song. After reviewing the Xbox One release late last year, here's a look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch updated version.

There's an elegant minimalism to the whole thing; there's not much here in terms of action, combat, or storytelling - some of these things are present, but the storytelling is done through mostly still line art drawings, almost like a comic book. Gameplay reflects this simplicity - each press of a button or rotation of the track (you can switch between flying along the floor and walls and ceiling with a press of the analogue stick) is timed with part of the beat.

Sometimes said part of the beat changes, adding a little bit of challenge, although for those unfamiliar with whatever song happens to be playing, this can sometimes be frustrating, as they likely won't know a certain beat shift or timing change is coming. On the other hand, it does encourage multiple play-throughs for those wanting to beat their high score.

Screenshot for AVICII Invector on Nintendo Switch

The non-stop asteroid field of colours, lights, and sounds can sometimes be overwhelming, and occasionally it's a little too difficult to see the upcoming button prompts (particularly when playing in handheld mode on the Switch), but difficulty is something this handles well. Easy mode should get new players used to the basics, and medium seems overwhelming at first, but after the initial learning curve, it feels well-balanced. Medium difficulty remains challenging, but not frustrating. There are times when some may get completely lost, and what might have been a Game Over in a title like Guitar Hero, just becomes a minor setback in Invector.

The only real problem that keeps cropping up during play is that the timing of the "strum" button - in this case mapped to the L or R buttons on the Joy-Con - often feels off. None of the other buttons (A, B, X, and Y) or the analogue stick seem to have this delay but, for some reason, whether using L or R, this one seems to come up as a miss a solid half of the time, even after recalibrating input. It's very difficult to tell if this is an issue with the game, or if this reviewer just happens to be bad at hitting that particular button on time, but the fact that it happens with both the L and R buttons makes it feel like something is going on with the game's side of things.

Screenshot for AVICII Invector on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

People who like rhythm video games are going to find a solid title in AVICII Invector, those who like Avicii's work are also going to find a very solid title here, and those who like to see a lot of colours, and lights, and sounds, while cruising a spaceship to music - at breakneck speeds, or as casually, as they want - they will want to check this out without any hesitation.


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