Bravely Default 2 Demo (Nintendo Switch) Preview

By Lilly K. 23.12.2020

Review for Bravely Default 2 Demo on Nintendo Switch

Bravely Default and its sequel, Bravely Second, are both beautiful turn-based RPGs developed by teams at Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS. Bravely Default 2, a new title in this series, is due to be released for the Nintendo Switch in February 2021. As a little treat, Square Enix kindly treated us to a brand-new demo just a few days ago.

The Bravely series comprises of turn-based RPGs, with intriguing stories and an interesting battle system. In this system, players can juggle with turns to get the upper hand in battle, by using "bravely" to add a turn for a character, or "default" to save a turn. Additionally, the series also sports a wide variety of job classes, which, when combined right, can truly turn a battle around.
The Bravely Default 2 second demo is an incredible step forward and holds huge promises for the full title. It has a time limit of 5 hours playtime, which is plenty to complete a couple of side missions and not one, but two boss fights. Upon completing the story of the demo, and saving the load data of the completed story, another great extra is revealed.

This demo impresses with incredible graphics, despite keeping the original art of the game alive. The character models are beautifully made and very detailed, especially close-up during chatter. The costumes are amazing, allowing a glimpse of what is to come in the full game.

Screenshot for Bravely Default 2 Demo on Nintendo Switch

Navigating the world is different from the previous 3DS titles. Instead of random encounters, players are now able to see enemies and can choose to attack or to run away (enemies will run after the characters for a bit to try and attack). The piece of world revealed in this demo is beautifully made - not just the world map but also the city visited and the dungeons explored. The only downside here is movement - it is sometimes a little bit difficult to interpret how to move to get to a certain point. Since this was a similar issue in the older titles, this may be due to style.

The music does not disappoint in the slightest. Some old fans may be disappointed to not see any of the old games well-beloved characters in this title, however the music alone can almost make up for this. While these are new tunes for a brand-new title, they also have a similar feeling to the original games' soundtracks and offer a way of reminiscence. The tunes fit the worlds perfectly.

This demo offers a variety of options, including a difficulty setting. This way, everyone can enjoy the experience in the way they prefer. Additional options include language and sound options, amongst others. The conversations are dubbed in English and Japanese, both of which are available to choose from, while the text language has a few more options.

The story in this demo does not reveal a lot about the final games' story, which is definitely appreciated but also very intriguing.

Screenshot for Bravely Default 2 Demo on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

This short demo of Bravely Default 2 is packed with positive impressions. If the whole final game is a similar standard, then it will be a must-have for anyone loving RPGs. This is a very exciting demo for the final game.




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I'm so excited for this! Thanks for giving your impressions - I need to try the demo! Smilie

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