Oh Mai Tiara - The Road for Love (PC) Preview

By Athanasios 24.02.2021

Review for Oh Mai Tiara - The Road for Love on PC

Back in 2020, Cubed3 got a chance to try Bios Ex - Yami no Wakusei; a psychological thriller visual novel, with a distinct art style, a neat atmosphere, some fine writing… and some impressive bra sizes. As an obvious ode to the '90s, its purpose was not to innovate, but to send readers back to the past for some retro fun - and it was successful at it. Gogen Soft's next project seems to leave all that darkness behind, with Oh Mai Tiara: The Road for Love being a happy tale of romance - albeit, one with a twist. Read on, and do support the developer's Kickstarter if you like what you see.

Gogen Soft seems to have a thing for protagonists that look a lot like young girls - more so than the average manga/anime in fact. The oestrogens are much stronger this time around, however, as players won't get a chance to see the main character before he actually dresses up as a girl. The purpose for this transformation? Why, a typical "the ends justify the means" kind of deal, where the cute focus of his attention is going to an girls-only camp, leaving him no choice but to go all stealth mode on her.

This is marketed as a Yuri story… and yet the protagonist is a young man pretending to be woman? Strange, then again it's hard to say if there's more going on here, for the simple reason that the demo experienced here was quite short - even for a demo. In other words, this preview will simply try to describe the tone of the game, and not really anything else.

Screenshot for Oh Mai Tiara - The Road for Love on PC

Oh Mai Tiara - The Road for Love is a 180 degrees turn from the developer's previous title, as it's a light-hearted visual novel, which, for the time being at least, is more concerned with making you smile with what is happening on screen. Trailers and other promotional material show a product that's probably involves a fair share of NSFW material… but who knows, really.

Audio-visually, like Bios Ex, this doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, or break new ground with its art design. The music is romantic visual novel 101, and the character design has a slight amateurish look that actually makes this charming, as it looks unique, and not a carbon copy of anything else, like most visual novels do. The writing, the most important bit, is thankfully as good as before, but the demo offers only a glimpse of the cast, so it's impossible to make any comments on them. If anything, the demo is free, and its short length is the perfect chance to try it out and see for yourself if it's your cup of tea.

Screenshot for Oh Mai Tiara - The Road for Love on PC

Final Thoughts

Gogen Soft once again offers a trip to the '90s, with a visual novel that is more concerned with being a love letter to the old-school period of the genre than being original - which is actually what this developer is good at. The incredibly short demo doesn't show enough, sadly, but what is currently available gives a taste of a solid, light-hearted romance VN.


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