The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (Nintendo Switch) Preview

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 30.06.2021

Review for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Nintendo Switch

Capcom's Ace Attorney series is a standout set of courtroom thriller games. Since their inception on the Nintendo DS they've continued to release and evolve the format. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a collection of the two Great Ace Attorney games. They were originally released for the 3DS in Japan. These games have undergone an update similar to the Trilogy game released on most platforms before. How is the game shaping up on Nintendo Switch? Cubed3 got access to a preview version of the game so it's time to get in and explore.

Ryunosuke Naruhodo is a great protagonist. Similar to the titular Phoenix Wright of the previous entries, he's emotional and caught up in bad business at the start of the story. The first case sees him "committing" a murder and the tutorial has players acting as their own defence guided by his university friend. The courtroom is set out as players will remember, with some tweaked but familiar characters such as the bearded Judge and the spineless Prosecutor. This light-touch tutorial helps set up the historical world where a newly westernising Japan has taken to holding Western style court judgements. It's a very cool idea and really puts a new burst of energy into the world of Ace Attorney. That first case is also a total banger!

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Gameplay should be instantly familiar to any layers of the other games in the series with lots of visual novel style conversations punctuated by bleepy sound effects and very occasional voices. These scenes play out with minimal animations usually but the character models/art is very emotive and help frame the dialogue giving it an obvious meaning and charm. The court gameplay should also be familiar to fans of the series with case files, witnesses and cross examinations all taking place. Cross examining is the usual goldmine of fun dialogues and digging into information that fans of the games will love. There are a plethora of evidence files and objects to inspect closely and disprove faulty testimonies. It's all rather thrilling. There is also an in-game "achievement" system that pings occasionally, unlocking extras and giving players a burst of serotonin.

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Dialogue is what carries the story and there is a lot to read. Lines are rarely voiced but audio cues and sound effects for text keep the scene lively. The words themselves are translated and localised superbly, retaining plenty of Japanese references, helping to make the world more believable. Characters themselves are usually caricatures of certain jobs or types of people, giving them lots of fun ticks and, though sometimes repetitive, comedic animations. The cases are as twisty and turney as they were in the previous games with an emphasis on misleading the player and forcing them to discover the loopholes themselves outside of the tutorial. It has a very good way of making players feel like they are coming to the conclusions themselves in a way similar to the satisfaction of building IKEA furniture or a PC.

Screenshot for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Nintendo Switch

Visually this package is a treat. Slick menus with nice stylistic choices frame the collection and help put forward upgrades right from the off. Each character sports a very nicely rendered 2D/3D character model with clean shading reminiscent of Ace Attorney Trilogy, the repackaged earlier games. Environments get a huge bonus in attractiveness by featuring amazing Japanese scenery but through an earlier historic window than its predecessors. All the user interface and icons animate smoothly and have plenty of hover effects making it obvious for players what action they are about to take. This is about as good as it can be given that the games originally used a stylus. Music is also excellent with lots of punchy remixes of series' favourites as well as some great setting booster background tracks.

Screenshot for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

It's amazing to finally have this game coming to the West! Anyone, even just casual fans of crime stories, should keep an eye on this release with its fantastic script and intriguing cases. Ace Attorney is such a unique series that it is amazing that Capcom continues to make them and with absolutely no drops in quality. These recent titles are incredibly exciting. Stay tuned for the full review of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Releasing in July, Cubed3 is waiting with baited breath to play the full version and get stuck into the other cases!





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I can't wait for this! I love Ace Attorney games, and the Famicom Detective Club duo have been amazing at getting me back in the mood for this one. Thanks for the insight, Sandy Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

I'd rank what I've played so far pretty highly versus the other Ace Attorney games so deffo keep an eye on it Smilie

Our member of the week

I've got my North American physical version preordered, since we in Europe won't be getting any. I already had to get the original trilogy pack from Japan when that came out on Switch.

Now I hope they follow through with the rest of the series, Apollo Justice and the 3DS games, as I have never played the latter for, again, lack of a physical release in Europe. A trilogy pack of those is rumoured to be coming too, from a Capcom leak months ago that had MH Rise AND The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in it, so I guess it's only a matter of time.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Yeah, the leaks had TGAA1+2 down for Q1 2021 release, before the staff on that project moved to AA7 to help finish it off, which itself was down for a projected Q3 2021 release, landing around the time of the series' 20th anniversary.

4, 5, 6 were noted as being sometime between Q3 2019 and Q2 2022.

Clearly, there have been delays due to COVID, and possibly even because of the leak, but 4/5/6 will hopefully be coming as a trilogy pack, not just as separate re-releases.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses


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