Trinity Fusion (PC) Preview

By Eric Ace 11.06.2023

Review for Trinity Fusion on PC

With the success of games like Dead Cells, which mixes traditional platforming with a procedurally-generated level system and rogue-like gameplay of slowly unlocking new things, it is perhaps no surprise that so many games are rushing to fill the wake behind titles like this. However, as a result, it is tough to stand out in the indie platformer scene nowadays. Cubed3 sits down for a quick preview of Trinity Fusion to find out that, pleasingly, some elements such as its story-telling help to elevate it above the masses.

Rogue-like platformers with the whole "live, die, repeat" type of gameplay seem like they are a dime a dozen these days. Perhaps this is for good reason, as when they first hit the gaming world they were fun, with new builds to try, the challenge of attempting to rush the levels, and they just a breath of fresh air into the field with a new type of genre. However, given the nature of these titles, they are prone to burnout and repetition, and if they don't hit that balance very carefully of giving players new things, threaten to be dropped quickly.

Trinity Fusion stands out not for its gameplay, which is actually decent, but for its story. Consider the widely known hit game Hades that drip-fed players new story after every death. In this game, players take the role of a character who exists in four different dimensions at once in a wild sci-fi ride of a collapsing reality.

The story takes place in the future where humanity had created multiple dimensions to harvest resources from, somehow also splitting every person into different personalities stuck on each of these planes. Of course, things are going bad, and it's up to the player to try to fix it. The story is cool and unique, and if developer Angry Mob Games can stick the landing, this will be a game to really watch.

Screenshot for Trinity Fusion on PC

The gameplay changes slightly depending on which "form" of the character is being controlled. All three forms use similar main weapons, and the sub weapon changes drastically, from magic, to huge melee weapons, to guns, depending.

Combat is a typical fare of jumping, slashing, and dodging - and there are few complaints at this point. One cool aspect is upgrades given to the player as they run through the levels, such as doing damage while dodging, or increasing stats near death that allow for the customisation of a new build each time.

The developers have given a quite extensive road map of where they want to take Trinity Fusion. So far, everything from the taste of the story, to the surprisingly competent English voice acting, leaves the feeling of a game made with heart and actual skill.

It is slated to stay in early access for many months still, which hopefully means the development team does not lose too much momentum, but overall the experience is currently positive enough to keep this one on the radar amidst a sea of similar games out there.

Screenshot for Trinity Fusion on PC

Final Thoughts

While completely playable and fun, it is clear the developers plan a lot for this game. If it delivers on what they intend to do, this will be one to watch for sure. Trinity Fusion is interesting and engaging enough, but the voice acting and story really elevate the experience. Cubed3 is truly looking forward to seeing this hopefully hit its potential.


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The scene opens with Fenno in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother.

Big Brother: Well if you want to be sure that Big Brother is not plotting to get you evicted in the same way that you plotted against HazukiSan then take the art equipment BB has provided and draw a pretty picture of your favourite housemate in the house and then present it to the rest of the housemates explaining why you choose this person and what the parts of your drawing represent.

Fenno leaves the Diary Room looking angry, as if he is being picked on. Hazuki just laughs at him. The rest of the housemates are just minding their own business when...

Big Brother: Housemates, this is Big Brother. Bands from around the globe have been lining up to perform in a Big Brother Rock Night as they would love the publicity, BB would also like to reward the housemates with a buffet and more alcohol. However, this is on condition that a task is completed today. Rob1, Rob W, Cap, Muna, Monkeyman and Chc you must split into teams consisting of three each and debate;

What is the bigger revolution? The DS's touch screen or the Revolution's downloadable content?

Once a three people have agreed on the same thing being the bigger revolution, the other remaining housemates will automatically have to believe that the other is the bigger revolution if they do so really or not. If Big Brother believes the debate has been successful then you will get the reward.

For the remaining housemates, the blow-up Sam Fisher doll has been put in the house again and you should all act out a play including the Splinter Cell hero. Have a good day and enjoy it. Don't let your hatred for each other get the better of you Smilie

The housemates begin working on their tasks.

Team 1: Rob W, Cap, Muna.
Team2: Rob1, Monkeyman and Chc

It was a metter of dip dip doo. We cannot afford to be picky. Smilie

King of the 'League of Kings'||My deviantART|| My Photography

Okay, here's my (very pretty) picture. It is' of course, of Monkeyman! I was going to do a Scibble to represent Scribble, but then he went crazy and ran away...

I chose Monkeyman because....erm...because I have no idea what nay of you look like but I vaguely know what a monkey is. The banana represents how everyone should eat 5 portions of fruit or veg a day, while the cheeky grin represents how he is a born leader (not that I'm not perfectally happy with the leader we have at the moment Smilie )

Oh, and the wonky eyes and CRAZY ears represent randomness (and general lazyness on my part). Enjoy!

Image for

Rocking. I think we should argue that the Revolution's downloadable content is more revolutionary, I have some good ideas for that.

Any objections?

Damn, thats what I wanted to do!

*Shakes fist*

meh, i think the DS's touch screen is more revolutionary because it open's up soo many ways for new games and new innovative ways to play them.

Oh yea, and i don't know how to post my pic up so i just choose hazukisan because he's a good member and he's a great guy to talk to. Smilie

Okay guys, I'll be leaving the house until Tuesday. *puts on stealth gear*

In my absence monkeyman will be president. I will return though *throws down smoke grenade and flees*

ooc: In other words I'm away from my pc until tuesday, see y'all later and could someone email me with who's been evicted? my addy is in my profile.

So...did I pass?

Or are you secretly plotting to get me evicted?

Even thouh im not in the teams, i think the DS's touch screen is way more is playing old games revolutionary??

how is playing old games revolutionary??

Hmm, I'm not in a team either but I think either could be argues to be Revolutionary or basically the opposite, which makes it so interesting and a good choice for an arguement (not that I'm sucking up to Big Brother or anything Smilie). The touch screen is only really an evolution on mouse control, and has been used before, albeit not really in games consoles.

Downloading full games has never been done before on a home console though, and will most likely be compied in the future, while it's less likely that the DS touch screen will be, making it in some ways more Revolutionary then the touch screen.

I think we're on our way to being the first forum to making Tipsy's version of BB fail.

Good picture Fenno, you really captured my good side.Smilie

The Touch Screen aspect of the Nintendo DS is by far superior in a revolutionary point of view. You can immerse yourselve into Games, and take control in a whole new way. But, being fair, having a libary of hundreds of Games is, in a sense, a Revolution, but not in the same way.
That is like saying Kazaa is a revolution.
New features that take advantage of technology (Touch Screen) will always appear more Revolutionary.

There....done and dusted.

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I think we're on our way to being the first forum to making Tipsy's version of BB fail.

Will we get a cake??

EDIT: Just read the end of day 5's action...

Big Brother: Housemates, this is Big Brother. Scribble has officially been evicted and this week only one housemate shall be evicted.

Meh, i voted for him anyways Smilie

whoops, did i say that allowed Smilie

*runs.....realises he stuck in the house.....hides under matress*

[ Edited by howzy22 on 2005/7/17 19:38 ]

lol, a shame that martin left but i guess he couldn't stand our dumb comments.

Know this is an old topic but I noticed there hasn't been a lot of action on the BB front lately (unless I missed it all!) Anyone know what's going on?

I think it has stopped. C3 playing up the past few days may have something to do with it. Smilie

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That means that I'm the (joint) winner!!

Hope it starts up again though Smilie


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