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By Mark Sedge 03.02.2004 2

As we are sure you are well aware, the Gamecube lacks shooters in general. This is just one reason why SG is welcome on the Gamecube, even if it isn't an exclusive title. SG has the potential to become a big hit this year, especially when you consider the amount of time it has been in development, and this year's E3 should reveal almost everything there is about this game. Interested? Then read on, but keep in mind that the lovely Nova is invulnerable to even Jesusraz's flirting prowess.

SG is looking very good indeed, so we cannot possibly overlook this gem. The game is a 3rd person shooter, and along with the usual features supported in these types of games, it has been reported that there are tons of moves, weapons and vehicles at your disposal, making the game a varied and engrossing experience.

In an interesting twist, developers Blizzard Entertainment have took one of their long standing franchises and decided to turn a real time strategy game into a 3rd person shooter. Instead of controlling huge armies, you will assume control of a single soldier, Nova, in her fight alongside the Dominion in the Starcraft universe. This will give fans of the game an in-depth look into the Starcraft world, but that isn't all. Blizzard are promising us a lot of things, and it looks like they are keeping to their word.

Screenshot for Starcraft: Ghost on GameCube

In what seems to be a growing trend, the developers have chosen to make their character an attractive young lady along the same lines as the detailed characters from Resident Evil or Vanessa from P.N.03. Do not let her appearance fool you however, Nova is a highly trained GHOST operative, specialising in assassinations and covert operations. She is an evolved human in fact, with increased physical and psionic abilities. The physic powers let her move at increased speeds for example, and we are sure this won't be the only advantage that Nova has over her enemies. From the screenshots of the game, you will have noticed that she also wears a stylish futuristic catsuit. This is her Hostile Environment Suit (HES), which augments her powers, agility, strength and so forth, even giving her special abilities, such as a cloaking device. We have seen this device in action, and it looks set to give the stealth idea a new direction. Nova also can also engage in hand-to-hand combat, which is set up in an innovative manner; combos can be linked together and they have impact. Samus Aran must be green with envy...and it would appear that this suit also gives us a better look at those baps. Rejoice!

Controlling Nova should be pleasing. Blizzard will want to make the game as accessible as possible to their existing fan base and at the same time, entice newcomers to the franchise to try it out. For this reason, they have decided that a fluid interface system allowing you to have full control over Nova was the wisest course of action. Think along the lines of Tomb Raider or even the recent Prince of Persia game.

Nova will be able to jump, climb, walk, jog, run, sidle against a name it, she will do anything, except maybe jumping through hoops...

Screenshot for Starcraft: Ghost on GameCube

The game's features don't stop there. Nova has been trained to use every weapon she comes across like an expert markswoman and taught how to pilot a vast fleet of vehicles (though not all at the same time). This basically means that players will be able to use a massive arsenal of weapons and take control of the vehicles that they find during the game. This is big news for Starcraft fans; have you ever fancied taking individual control of a Siege Tank? Or perhaps one of the mechanical robots, that look like Transformers?

During the course of the game, you can help out your allies and partake in huge planetary assaults in the same vein as Halo. Along these lines, there is also the Calldown feature, allowing you to command some attack units to give you a hand during bigger, and more complex and tactical fights.

This is another intriguing aspect of the game

Screenshot for Starcraft: Ghost on GameCube

Taking into account the game has a sci-fi atmosphere, the team has the perfect excuse for 'over the top special effects'. And with the new perspective, this is amplified even further. We have seen huge flashes of gunfire, huge robots charging up and the cloaking device in action looks very, for want of a better word, cool

Screenshot for Starcraft: Ghost on GameCube

Final Thoughts

As mentioned at the beginning, the game has been in the works for quite some time now, but everything is now falling into place, and the game looks nothing short of special. Games that successfully implement so many gameplay features come few and far between, but Starcraft: Ghost looks set to fit the bill, and it may even provide us with more surprises: Blizzard has a great deal of experience in online gaming, so could we see this game going online for console release? It certainly sounds promising, especially when a multiplayer mode has been all but confirmed, but even if it doesn't, this should still be a great adventure when it arrives later this year.


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