Wario Ware Inc. DS (Nintendo DS) Preview

By Rory W. Renehan 15.08.2004 2

Now that the DS has reached completion it's time to focus on making the games as well designed as possible to maximise the features of this new revolutionary console, while still attaining the quality of gameplay we have grown accustomed to. Nintendo also has to use these games to set examples for every DS developer out there and show them what its new baby can do. These games help make the decision between whether the DS is a revolutionary, innovative piece of machinery or just a cheap dual-screened gadget. With only three months to go until the Nintendo DS' American launch, Karn Spydar Lee Bianco and Rory Renehan take a look at some of the Big N's in-house DS software projects.

By far the most complete game show so far for the DS, and what so far could be the most joyful to experience.
The true sequel to the quick fire Wario Ware inc. for GameBoy Advance, this game looks to be just as unique and fun as its predecessor. First impressions are to expect lots of quirky and addictive minigames all taking full advantage of the touch screen. The games shown so far range from scratching Wario's back, drawing a net to catch some fish, and making a crayon rubbing of a coin.

Screenshot for Wario Ware Inc. DS on Nintendo DS

So far then the game looks to possess all the charm and quick fire mayhem of Wario Ware inc combined with a refreshing level of interactivity. No doubt the game will come up with any wacky excuse for you to be playing minigames, and preferably one with the usual roster of colourful characters. The only bad point so far lies in that only the touch screen is used for gameplay and the top screen is just being used to show games being dropped down into the bottom screen. This is a huge disappointment in that the game could double the amount of minigames by making games that work using two screens. Maybe objects could fall from the top screen to below to await capture or you could connect items over two screens. In any case expect the same visual charm as well as addictive super fun as we have come to expect from Wario Ware games, combined with the tactile fantastic touch screen of the DS.

Screenshot for Wario Ware Inc. DS on Nintendo DS

Use Dual Screen: 2/5
Unfortunately the dual screen is being used only to show games being dropped down. This is a major disappointment as the dual screen could add a new dimension of play and control, which we believe would do nothing if not further the games innovative nature.

Use of touch Screen: 5/5
The best use of touch screen so far, that gives you true interactivity with the game. Variation in its use is not guaranteed but we are sure Nintendo will think up some unusual uses for it.

Screenshot for Wario Ware Inc. DS on Nintendo DS

Use of Microphone: N/A
So far no use of microphone has been shown. We cant help but get excited though over the potential use of voice commands in games, combined with the touch screen, utter bliss. Even if the vocal command games wouldn't be exactly public transport safe.

Use of Wi Fi: N/A
No confirmed use of Wi Fi although there is a strong feeling that it will probably be used for multiplayer gaming of some sort.

Screenshot for Wario Ware Inc. DS on Nintendo DS

Final Thoughts

Now this is the kind of game that is going to feel right at home on the DS. Its also the kind of thing we want to see more of in future; using plenty of the DS' unique features to provide a gaming experience that no other system could even dream of!









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