Super Mario Bros DS (Nintendo DS) Preview

By Rory W. Renehan 16.08.2004

Now that the DS has reached completion it's time to focus on making the games as well designed as possible to maximise the features of this new revolutionary console, while still attaining the quality of gameplay we have grown accustomed to. Nintendo also has to use these games to set examples for every DS developer out there and show them what its new baby can do. These games help make the decision between whether the DS is a revolutionary, innovative piece of machinery or just a cheap dual-screened gadget. With only three months to go until the Nintendo DS' American launch, Karn Spydar Lee Bianco and Rory Renehan take a look at some of the Big N's in-house DS software projects.

Now we are getting to the good stuff. A classic 2D Mario platformer. Although we cant say the announcement surprised us. To see a Mario game on launch of a new console is the kind of thing we have come to expect from Nintendo and this one doesn't look like it will disappoint as a Mario game. Of course as is Nintendo's style to add a twist, this isn't just another 2D Mario platformer. Rather than using sprites, the game uses fully 3D models, and the Mario model in particular looks suspiciously like the same model used in Mario Sunshine, in all its polygonal glory. Also interestingly enough the actions such as Mario's jump looks suspiciously like the movement actions in Mario 64. The sound effects also mimic that made in Mario 64 even down to the noise made by enemies as they eat foot. The visual effect created by the polygonal objects is marvellous and doesn't appear out of place at all even in the 2D environments.

Screenshot for Super Mario Bros DS on Nintendo DS

We also see the return of the classic fireball Mario and caped Mario, as well as Goombas, Koopas , and at one point in the video footage, Bowser. Although no game play details have been released, it's a certainty that classic plat forming elements are going to feature heavily, but you can make a safe bet that the game will also feature a lot of new DS related game mechanics. The game also includes some new special effects such as Mario being able to super size to fill the whole screen and run amok, and at one point we see a Goombas eating a mushroom and becoming more than a normal sized Mario can handle.

Unfortunately for every new cosmetic difference we see we find we are lacking in any DS hardware uses.

Screenshot for Super Mario Bros DS on Nintendo DS

From screenshots and footage all action has been on the top screen and nothing apart from the games title has been shown on the bottom touch screen. Except for some mushrooms, so at the moment we can only even speculate that items you have are stored in the bottom screen. There doesn't seem to be room for use of the touch screen at all really, considering the game is a 2D plat former the scope for using the touch screen is slim. The dual screens do have a lot of potential here; Mario could have to climb from the bottom screen to the top screen in resemblance to Donkey Kong. Alternatively items and enemies alike could drop from the top screen forcing you to keep your attention on both screens at once. The bottom screen could be used as an alternate world in which Mario could hide in/store items. It has to be said the ability to jump from the top screen to the bottom at will is intriguing and opens the game up to so many more ideas.

Screenshot for Super Mario Bros DS on Nintendo DS

Use of Dual screens N/A
Again apart from the fact that Mushrooms are shown in the bottom screen there has been no confirmed use of the Dual screens....yet.

Use of Touch screen N/A
Once again there is still no confirmed use of the touch screen, there appears to be no real way it could be implicated unless there is still a lot of the game to be released, or bonus games to be shown.

Use of Microphone N/A
Yet another not applicable, although there definitely doesn't seem to be any productive use for it.

Use of Wi Fi N/A
Although there has been no mention of this at all, if a multiplayer is included it's a dead certainty it will be playable wireless.

Screenshot for Super Mario Bros DS on Nintendo DS

Final Thoughts

We really want Nintendo to put their full worth into this one. This is not the title to be lazy about that's for sure! What we want and we know the big N can do it, is something so great it has the impact of the original Mario Bros on the NES. A big task it certainly is, but they did it once we think they can do it again.






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