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Who says the GameCube does not have any RPG support? - By Adam Riley

Read preview for Baten Kaitos (RPG Special)Read more     2 Comments

We take a look at a game that promises to be 'pan-tastic'! - By

Read preview for Donkey KongaRead more     2 Comments

Speed-speed-speeding onto the GameCube! - By James Temperton

Read preview for Mario Kart: Double Dash (Hands On)Read more     2 Comments

It is like having creative constipation... - By

Read preview for Mario Party 5Read more     2 Comments

The virus known as cel-shading is showing signs of infecting the FPS genre. We examine the first case... - By

Read preview for XIIIRead more     2 Comments

Namco's biggest racing franchise races for the Nintendo Gamecube! - By

Read preview for R: Racing EvolutionRead more     2 Comments

Yet another year, yet another footie season, yet another roll out of titles for EA Sports... - By

Read preview for FIFA Football 2004Read more     2 Comments

Cubed - By Alexi Messeramo

Read preview for Rogue Ops: Phoenix Unleashed (Hands On)Read more     2 Comments

The established series rolls out yet another title, but are there enough improvements to the series to warrant you spending your hard earned notes? - By

Read preview for Tony Hawks UndergroundRead more     2 Comments

Its the meaning of cool on a three-inch disk! - By Alexi Messeramo

Read preview for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin SnakesRead more     2 Comments

We go hands on with the Plumbers in karts at ECTS! - By Alexi Messeramo

Read preview for Mario Kart: Double Dash (First Look)Read more     2 Comments

Blood and mental manipulation as Capcom get inside your head... - By James Temperton

Read preview for Killer 7Read more     2 Comments

Yet another life simulation hits the Gamecube, the question on everyone - By

Read preview for Harvest Moon A Wonderful LifeRead more     2 Comments

Another racing game arrives on the Gamecube, but the question on everyone - By

Read preview for Motor Trend Presents Lotus ChallengeRead more     2 Comments

Just when 1080 starts to look like a very tempting title EA decide to show us some more of SSX 3... - By

Read preview for SSX3Read more     2 Comments

That fat, round, spherical blob known as Kirby is back in an all-new Kirby style F-Zero outing... - By

Read preview for Kirby Air RideRead more     2 Comments

GameCube gets physical courtesy of Namco! - By James Temperton

Read preview for Soul Calibur II (Hands On)Read more     2 Comments

It does egg-actly what it says on the tin! - By James Temperton

Read preview for Billy Hatcher And The Giant EggRead more     2 Comments

Final Fantasy returns to a Nintendo console, but how is it shaping up after such a long absence? - By

Read preview for Final Fantasy: Crystal ChroniclesRead more     2 Comments

Can it help the GameCube break the Nintendo racer curse? - By

Read preview for GT CubeRead more     2 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen! Start Your, er - By Ross Morley

Read preview for Harry Potter: Quidditch World CupRead more     2 Comments

The game with the name, but how does it play? - By James Temperton

Read preview for Viewtiful Joe (Hands On)Read more     2 Comments

If a game looks like Animal Crossing, and, plays like Animal Crossing then isn't it Animal Crossing? - By

Read preview for GiFTPiARead more     2 Comments

Mario zips back onto the GameCube in kart form, but this time with a twist! - By

Read preview for Mario Kart: Double DashRead more     2 Comments

Sonic makes his presence known, and gunning for Mario's Sunshine... - By

Read preview for Sonic HeroesRead more     2 Comments

Luigi, then Mario, now Wario gets his own turn in the Gamecube limelight... - By

Read preview for Wario WorldRead more     4 Comments

Guns, women, clarat in abundance, you are all going to love this one! - By James Temperton

Read preview for True Crime: Streets of LARead more     2 Comments

Bond returns to the GameCube courtesy of EA... - By

Read preview for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (First Look)Read more     2 Comments

The small people at the bottom of your garden return! - By James Temperton

Read preview for Pikmin 2Read more     2 Comments

Nintendo go all mature with this spectral shooter! - By James Temperton

Read preview for GeistRead more     2 Comments
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