Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (GameCube) Reader Review

Posted by By Cheesing It Up 0 Number of reads 830 Posted 23.02.2005

Jungle Beat is a brand new platform game that actually feels new, plays well and is a bucket of fun! (and uses the bongos in case you didn't know!)

Graphically the game is much better the Konga. You can see individual hairs on Donkey Kong, for example and the rain and snow affects look pretty sweet as well.

The sound is possibly the games weakest area, yet it still sounds nice, with little chiming sound effects and decent music- just don't expect to be WOWED.

The Gamplay is unique and very fun. It's a game to be played in short (half an hour or so) blasts, doing just 1 or 2 levels at a time, but it really works. The boss battles are the best, bashing the bongos to make DK punch for example, is logical and feels right.

As for the lengt, I can't see why people are complaining. It's quiet a bit longer then I thought it would be and even after you've finished there's plenty of your own high scores to beat!!

Overall it's a worthwhile purchase that will make you wonder why all other platformers aren't more like it! You can get it for just

Cheesing It Up's Rating Rated $score out of 10  9/10

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