Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS) Reader Review

Posted by By rustypaulin 0 Number of reads 482 Posted 05.03.2005

The story of Mario 64 is that Princess Peach has been taken by Browser so Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario all have to team up to save her by gaining stars from varous levels. The story may be similar to that of many Mario games, but then again Mario games aren't about the story.
The main game starts of Mario 64 starts off in Princess Peach's castle from which you can enter paintings to get to differently themed levels where you can get stars by completing objectives. These stars can unlock new doors and more levels for you to gain stars for and help you on your quest to save Princess Peach from Browser. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario all have new powers that can help you get more stars in the game. There is a range of control configurations that you can choose from depending on how confident you are with your stylus skills. However on a whole the controls are hard to master and you may find yourself overstepping or underjumping quite easily.
The graphics are outstanding for a portable console showing the amazing increase from Super Mario World on the Gameboy to now. The graphics are very colourful like all Mario games but don't seem to be as impressive as the originals on the N64.
The game is basically the same as the N64 classic but with a few extras, including 30 more stars and new levels. Although the best new addition is the rec-room. It's a collection of fantastic minigames that you can unlock through the main game as you play. The games are great fun and put the touch screen to its best use with almost all of the games using it. the minigames set the standards for future games like WarioWare.
there is also a multiplayer mode that uses the single cart and the WiFi of the DS were you and up to 3 friends can battle each other to try and get stars. Its really good fun and for people who don't have friends you can even play by yourself.
Overall the game is very good and probably the best of all the launch titles, however it was always going to be compared to the N64 original and it can't quite live up to that expectation

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