Heroes of Ruin (Nintendo 3DS) Reader Review

Posted by By Seven 0 Number of reads 3567 Posted 31.12.2012

  I followed this game from the very beginning and I have to say I was pretty excited when I first watched the trailers, close to soiling myself actually. But this game promised so much and failed to deliver, maybe my expectations were set too high.

  Lets start with the good. It has to be said, the graphic in this this game are amazing, no question, but only if you play in 2D. Playing this game in 3D will give you a headache. From beautifully rendered characters and backgrounds to pixelation and jagged edges. Keep your slider set to 3D if you want to enjoy the visuals that this game has to offer. The little animations for attacks are an added bonus and keep the fighting system looking fresh.

  The music in this game is pretty generic and for most of the game you'll probably forget that there is actually any music in this game at all. The same music is reused for almost every dungeon and can get a little tedious as the grunting of your character seems to become the only noise coming from your 3DS.
  I don't know whether it's because I'm Scottish and have never really found the whole British accent cute but the voice acting in this game is grueling. I shuddered whenever a cut seen started as for most characters their voices were too forced and fake.

  This is where the game heads south. After playing through a few dungeons the storyline just seemed to disappear along with my interest. You're told nothing about your character's back story, characters around you are 2 dimensional adding little to the story, side quests are exceptionally dull providing little challenge or benefit to gameplay.
  The whole point of this game is to cruise through dungeons completing missions and even though most RPG's have the same formula this game just didn't hold my interest. Dungeons are so linear requiring little to no brain power, there is a distinct lack of problem solving task, just hack and slash your way to victory!
  An interesting part of the game's fighting system is the skills that could be learnt as you level up. Some cool little animations were included but the novelty soon wears off and your left just pressing the attack button over and over again to reach the end of a dungeon. The fact that there are health potions hidden in pots at almost ever corner just adds to the feeling that these skills where just an after though of the designers in a desperate attempt to give the game the appearance of depth.

  This is something I can't comment on as I've resigned my copy of Heroes of Ruin to a shelf to accumulate dust.

If you like the whole kitsch British accent thing, mindless mashing of buttons and a storyline that evaporates after an hour of playing then this is the game for you.

Seven's Rating Rated $score out of 10  4/10

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