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Assassin's Creed has always been a franchise I've wanted to jump into. I couldn't since none were on a console I owned. Now with AC3 on Wii U, I have. And ended up disappointed. With all the hype and excitement surrounding this game, I expected an amazing experience. But was left with a frustrating and annoying time. Granted, by no means do I think this is a bad game. The hype and excitement around it's release just had my expectations extremely high. 

Now, for the story. (Which will contain spoilers) Conner's is cool. Overall. It's nothing special, though. My favorite part would have to be when Conner and his Dad interact together. I just loved how they didn't mesh but insisted staying with each other. The beginning when you play as Haythem (Conner's Dad) and find out he and his crew are Templars came as a fun surprise. Besides that, nothing was too special on Conner's side. On Desmond's side, however, WHY AM I SUPPOSE TO CARE?! As someone who hasn't played an AC game before, I have no idea what is going on in Desmond's side. I guess the sun is going to explode and they're trying to stop it by getting stuff from his ancestors'? I'm still not sure. I did find it awesome to parkour around a modern city as Desmond, though. Also this game is surprisingly short. I finished in about 15 hours. There are ton of sire missions to do, though. (Sometimes I actually think they're better than the actual story.)

As for gameplay, it's not much of highlight, either. Better than the story, I think. Fun, satisfying, but moderately easy, and annoying. Satisfying because when you defeat a huge group, it's awesome. Moderately easy because: Counter. Attack. Kill. Counter. Attack. Kill. Counter's almost seem overpowered. You can counter nearly every attack. Annoying because there are some enemies that you can't kill by just attack. They'll counter you the same way every single time. To the point where I just run away. Jumping around is fun but feels tedious at time. It almost feels like it doesn't work at times, and I'm not even sure if it's a glitch. The navel battles are hardly there. When they are, I want them to be gone. They do work. Not much glitches with them. And they did feel realistic. (Except the quick times it took to change sails) But they're just not fun.

From a technical point, glitchy. Hardly works. Long loading times. Froze my Wii U four times. I'm willing to call it broken. There was one mission where if you fell, the fire would keep you stuck and you'd die. I literally died floating on fire. I've seen floating groups walking over water. Horses get stuck in everything. Jumping can get you stuck in buildings. Doors can kill you. Keep in mind, not all of this is extremely common. But definitely hard to avoid.

Music is composed well, but doesn't seem to work right. Besides the fact that music doesn't even show up much. It also glitches in and out, which is quite annoying. But can be cool when it works.

Now by no means do I think this is a bad game, just don't go in with all the hype and expectations created for this game. I just think it's okay. If you want a "hardcore AAA" on Wii U, there are others. If you're just on the fence about AC3, don't get it. If you want to give it shot, I don't discourage you. Go ahead.

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I didn't play AC I, II, Brotherhood or Revelations either but read the backstory to make my AC III experience more enjoyable and not end up making a silly "WHY AM I SUPPOSE[D] TO CARE?!  [sic]" exclamation.

But hey... You didn't even learn how to write the characters' names ("Conner"? "Haythem"?), so there goes the credibility of your 'review', since you don't pay much attention to detail.

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