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The 21st century has been filled with a ton of mixed experiences from the blue Hedgehog. From time traveling, to turning into a Were"Hog", to playing as his annoying friends. Not all being bad experiences, but none to note worthy.

SEGA, you have finally graced Sonic with a amazing game. Sonic Colors is an absolutely fantastic game. From the super speed around the gorgeous visuals, to the fantastic music, to the use of the gimmick (The Wisps), to the quirky Saturday-Morning-Cartoonish writing. Now it's unfortunate I can't call this game perfect, but it is certainly a huge step in the right direction.

The story is simple, Dr. Eggman strikes again. This time he plans to make a space amusement park so he can... do something evil. He take over an alien race, the Wisps, home to create these parks. Sonic and Tails come to the rescue to save these creatures. The story isn't complex, but it doesn't need to be to prove itself a great game.

The gameplay is one of the several shining points. Remember the Sonic Unleashed day levels? No? Let me explain. Sonic runs, fast. And this game does a fantastic job at feeling that speed. The game switches from 3D to 2.5D. During both you grind around on rails, home-attack enemies, and boost through enemies. You can use Boost whenever you want (If you have any). During 3D you can also curve around corners, zip quickly left and right to avoid obstacles, but it doesn't feel as if the stage has control of Sonic. You definitely feel the speed Sonic is running. Platforming is definitely here, as well. It definitely won't be 100% running. The Wisps Sonic saves gives him special powers. Eh? Don't worry, it's awesome. Well, most of them. They can turn Sonic into a Rocket to blast high up into the air. One to turn him into a Hover... thing, to hover around to reachable places. One that changes him into a devil-like thing that can break through anything. One that turns certain blocks into Special Rings. One that lets him Drill underground. One that turns him into a Laser to extremely quickly dash around places. And more. A downside is the bosses are re-used. Sure, they're harder. But no new tricks. Another is the game is short. I finished 100% (Didn't get an S on every stage, though) in about seven hours.

Multiplayer is... pretty lame. You and second player are both on the same screen. With the speed, it's pretty annoying to play through. (Luckily all the levels that have multiplayer can be played solo.)

The graphics are gorgeous. The game is amazingly colorful and detailed. From giant food, to construction, to a roller coaster, everything is gorgeous. Even though you're running super fast, you certainly don't miss much of the scenery.  

The music is fantastic. Rock is gone and electronic is in. The techno-y music all fits perfectly and beautifully in these worlds. It almost brings back memories of old days when Sonic always had catchy electronic music. I love it so much I have downloaded the soundtrack.

One nitpick as a Sonic fan, (Spoiler Alert, kind of) is that you never play as Super Sonic in the main game. The final boss? Normal Sonic. You can unlock Super Sonic playable in every level (EXCEPT BOSSES), though. But you can't blaze through and get an S, so I don't really know the point of it.

Over all, this is a fantastic Sonic game. My main complaints are the multiplayer, which is annoying and the length, as it is a short game. Either way, I'm willing to call it the best traditional Sonic game of the 21st century. Of course, that isn't to much of an extreme statement. Here's hoping the next installment will be even better.

ScreamoPichu's Rating Rated $score out of 10  9/10

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