Pokémon X (Nintendo 3DS) Reader Review

Posted by By georg3 0 Number of reads 11058 Posted 23.11.2013

Pokemon comes to the 3ds with two of the best Pokemon games ever. The graphics are a huge overhaul from gen 5 and thanks to the PSS it has become really easy to connect to other players. Yes I admit it was a disapointment to only see 69 new pokemon  but honestly compared to all other generations prior they have all been exceptionally good as the new idea of mega evolutions has introduced a new turn in the field of competitive play. As for the storyline and the evil team, Team Flare I thought they too were incredibly good, finally introducing a better plot and antagonist team to battle compared to the ridiculous Team Plasma and Team Galactic that went too far. Over all I would rate this game 9.5/10 and can't wait for Pokemon Z.

georg3's Rating Rated $score out of 10  9/10

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