Pokémon Black Version (Nintendo DS) Reader Review

Posted by By georg3 0 Number of reads 7090 Posted 23.11.2013

Pokemon Black and White started the fifth generation of Pokemon a long time after Diamond and Pearl which were rumored to be the last games. Having waited so long and with a reigion with no old Pokemon early game because of the whopping 156 new one the game felt fresh and new with a large region to explore but the excitement stopped there. Player connection had not excelled as much as I wanted and the graphics in my opinion downgraded from HGSS which was a shame. As for extremes the region was too east to follow even if it had great scenery and the levelling was too easy too. Team Plasma were what seemed a good evil team since Galactic's atrocity but the stupid castle out of the ground was a step too far. After the league you could... catch Kyurem and that was it basically meaning there was a lack of adventure after the league. The game was a step forward from Diamond and Pearl but also two steps backwards so I rate it 8.0/10.

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