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Posted by By Bravely-default 0 Number of reads 15121 Posted 30.03.2014
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Pokemon X and Y is the latest in the Generation of all of the pokemon games.
A few things I really enjoyed about this game was the fact that you can customize your character, from the hair to the eyes to the clothing. I also really enjoyed the Pokemon-Amie, I thought it was a cute way to interact with your Pokemon and raise friendship with them as well. Some complaints I hade about this game was that I felt as if there weren't as many towns and they weren't as interesting as the previous games.

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I really enjoyed the introduction to "Mega" evolving Pokemon. Although in my opinion they could have made more Pokemon have a Mega evolution.
Another thing I wish they would have done is something like they did in Heart Gold and Soul Silver where you can walk with your Pokemon and communicate with them, but I do understand that would be a bit more difficult seeing as they have majorly improved there graphic design.

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But over all I really enjoyed playing Pokemon X and Y and I hope that they continue to come out with new games in the future! Smilie

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