Metroid Prime Hunters (Nintendo DS) Reader Review

Posted by By NES 0 Number of reads 574 Posted 16.07.2006

I cannot say how long I've been waiting for this game. After being delayed 3 times, I finally got my hands on it. This is what I found:

The graphics were cleaned up and looked better than those found on the 'First Hunt' demo that was bundled with the first DS. But, alas, the graphics for a Metroid Prime title have set the bar high for the DS, and I feel that MPH barely missed it. (8 / 10)

Of course, Kenji Yamamoto (behind the Metroid music) was only a sound supervisor (as listed in the credits), and didn't compose the score itself. Plus, the DS gives off music similar to that of the GBA. Nonetheless, the game had some great tracks, especially the individual hunters' themes. Sound effects were familiar, and sounded great. (9 / 10)

Gameplay was solid, but I felt that this game was designed more around multiplayer and Nintendo WFC than single-player mode. And it showed. Single-player was too short, used the same bosses over and over, and didn't have the same feel as the other Metroid Prime titles have. But multiplayer is a good, solid experience. If you are to purchase this game, multiplayer/Wi-Fi is a must. (7 / 10)

As stated above, single-player mode was incredibly short, as my record for beating it was in 5 hours (terrible, I know). However, people have played for (literal) days on multiplayer. But, that is if you have Wi-Fi... (7 / 10)

Overall, this game is good. It's really good. But it's missing some elements we know and love from the GCN Metroid. I recommend you buy it if you really like online play, or are a die-hard Metroid fan.

(8 / 10)

NES's Rating Rated $score out of 10  8/10

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