Advance Wars: Dual Strike (Nintendo DS) Reader Review

Posted by By cylon12 0 Number of reads 860 Posted 20.08.2006

I'm a fan of strategy games. Command and Conquer and alike on PC. So I bought myself Advance wars DS for the nintendo DS to enjoy the gameplay.
The graphics are not that good, in fact it needs some time to adjust to it. Once you overcome this and turn of the rather annoying sounds and music the game can begin.
The gameplay makes up 200% of the mentionned downsides. I play it for hours in a row. It has a lot of features, the game itself is well thought over and balanced. It's trategy like it's supposed to be: perfectly balanced.
Very very enjoyable game, and with the proper modes used you can play it forever, ther's a map editor, campaigns with a good storyline, random maps... the lot.
One of the better games I ever played on a handheld and a must-have for all strategy fans.


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