Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (Nintendo DS) Reader Review

Posted by By mage_mccloud 0 Number of reads 422 Posted 20.02.2008

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is the sequel to the PS2 version of FFXII the controversial game from Squarenix. FFXII follows Vaan, a young guy who wants to become a sky pirate, in FFXII: Revenant Wings, Vaan is now a full fledged sky pilot and travels the world seeking out treasure and what not. After gaining a magical stone he is transported to the world above where the Aegel live. But evil lurks around the corner and Vaan must confront it and protect both the Skyworld and Ivalice from certain destruction.

Graphics 10/10 - The cinematics in this game are flawless, and battle and talking scenes has used the much loved sprites from various tactics games.

Sound 9/10 - The soundtrack of this game is quite compelling and fresh in the way it is presented. Sound effects work well for battle and cutscenes.

Gameplay 10/10 - A new style for FF, but it takes on the role of a more Age of Empires feel, you control you characters and their summoned espers using the stylus and then indicate where you would like them to proceed to. Again Square have made the controls simple and the missions involving.

Length 10/10 - Now for normal FF's on console you can expect around 60 hours plus and on handhelds you don't quite expect the same. FFXII:RW offers around 30 hours of solid gameplay with several side missions and items and unlockable features to find.

Tilt 10/10 - In the wake of FFXII many were sceptical about this release and how another sequel would effect a great series. But despite rumours FFXII:RW pulls through and shines as a different style of FF than most are used to and this gives it a new taste and flavour to should be tried by all fans of the series and tactical RPG games.

Overal 10/10

mage_mccloud's Rating Rated $score out of 10  10/10

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