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Just Dance 2: Extra Songs (Wii) Review

Review for Just Dance 2: Extra Songs on Wii - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

Cubed3 has already covered both Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3, delivering the verdict on the hottest Wii move-and-groove titles on the market at the moment, but should people considering picking up Just Dance 2: Extra Songs as well?

What needs to be mentioned right from the off is that this is not a new game. Just Dance 2: Extra Songs is rather like the Rock Band song packs that came out due to the game not supporting the Wii console’s online functionality. Ubisoft was able to successfully implement online ‘Pay & Play’ into Just Dance 2, but for those that either do not have their Wii systems hooked up to the Internet, or perhaps do not even have any online connection at home, the publisher has stuck all of the digitally released songs onto one handy, budget-priced Wii disc at retail. What this means, though, is that although the original Just Dance 2 is not required to play Extra Songs, this is definitely a stripped down version in terms of presentation, with gamers being thrown right into the action almost immediately.

The options available in Just Dance 2: Extra Songs are limited, with there being the inclusion of a Warm Up mode for gently stretching your muscles before diving into the hectic shake-a-thon of the main game, but little else in on offer in this budget package. The main meat comes in the form of ‘Dance!’ that is split into the following sub-sections: ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Dance Battle,’ and ‘Just Sweat.’ The first mode is for up to four players, and Dance Battle is a championship for up to eight friends and family. More details can be found in Cubed3’s review of Just Dance 2.

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The final offering, Just Sweat, has the player choose a name and begin training, with a choice of three programmes to follow. Mild has you dance to one song per day, Tough is around three songs a day, whilst Intense is about six, all in the hope of gaining as many Sweat Points as possible. The game tells you how many Sweat Points will be obtained per day and per week, dependent on the activity level, and even estimates the sweat level of each song. This may be an interesting idea, but would have been better if tied in with the Balance Board in some way, or might be a good inclusion further down the line if the Vitality Sensor ever emerges from the depths of Nintendo’s catacombs.

Extra Songs is the same as the main, multi-million selling release, with the only key difference being the song line-up. If you have Just Dance 2 and are desperate for the extra songs, but never had the chance or inclination to download them, then Just Dance 2: Extra Songs is reasonable if you can find it for lower than the GBP19.99 asking price. Anyone thinking of buying this over Just Dance 2 or even the recently released Just Dance 3 will likely come away slightly disappointed, as it is clearly just a basic song expansion pack.

Screenshot for Just Dance 2: Extra Songs on Wii - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review


Just Dance’s mechanics have not changed, with only one-handed movements required for the dance routines, but with the added bonus of a special on-screen glove to indicate which hand the Wii Remote should be in.


The usual silhouettes are back with more of the crazy dance routines, all shown in funky colours, with smooth motion-video capture techniques used for a somewhat realistic experience.


Unfortunately there are too many songs performed by cover artists, and the general line-up is not that impressive compared to the original Just Dance 2’s track-listing.


23 songs alone make this a worthwhile standalone package due to the entry-level price-point, but anyone wanting to play Just Dance should head for the second or third main games first.

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As far as song packs go, Just Dance 2: Extra Songs is a surprisingly impressive package, especially given the budget-pricing it received at retail. Anyone wanting to experience the craze that has swept the world should stick to Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3 first, but this extra is well worth checking out if downloading songs is not a possibility.

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Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Did anyone hear pick this up? I would have thought that 99% of people with JD2 would simply download the extra tracks (Jorge?). However, seeing how well this sold in the UK, and is still selling, it would appear a lot of people were happy to buy this disc separately!

Easy money for Ubisoft...

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
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