We Sing Rock! (Wii) Review

By Mike Mason 22.12.2011

Review for We Sing Rock! on Wii

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And what do jolly people do? Why, they sing of course. Conveniently, Nordic Games have offered up another outlet for would-be warblers just in time for the festive period, this time focusing upon rock anthems to get those devil horned-hands bobbing through the air while the next round of Christmas pudding is prepared.

We Sing Rock! continues the previous good done by the series in the past, providing a simple, straightforward approach to singing games. It’s as easy as plugging in a microphone and jabbering along, making sure to match the pitch and tempo displayed on screen along with the lyrics. 40 rock anthems -- though the term is used quite loosely -- make up the package, all unlocked from the start so players can pick up the mic and dive in instantly. Whether you want to go Rollin’ with Limp Bizkit, prove you’re The Best to Tina Turner or Poison the ears of everybody around you, there’s enough variety to keep a wide range of people happy here.

Positioned mainly as a party game, up to four singers can take part in We Sing Rock! simultaneously, if enough microphones and a USB hub are owned. Tons of multiplayer modes are available to sort out the crooners from the catastrophic, from standard versus affairs to group battles. Those who desire more of a challenge can take on Blind mode, which will drop music and lyrics at random while expecting the singing to continue, or Expert trims away the helpful pitch bars and lyrics for the truly confident.

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If only one mic is available, however, don’t despair. Multiplayer fun can still be had by alternating singer in Pass the Mic, and there are always solo modes to entertain those who don’t mind serenading their televisions. Lurking alongside the anticipated music, though, are a collection of 30 singing lessons designed to drag your vocal chords through the entire range of the Solfege scale. Dedicate yourself to the cause and maybe, just maybe, We Sing Rock! has potential to actually improve note and transition accuracy here. If background music is all that’s wanted, a jukebox can be set off to play songs and music videos without any need for further interaction.

There’s a tidy interface on the front of We Sing Rock! that lets a number of details be swapped around quickly. There are three difficulties for each track, and players can choose to attempt the full length version of a song or a cut down edition. There’s also the chance to remove recorded vocals so that only the backing track can be heard, karaoke-style. This comes across messily, unfortunately, with the voices not so much removed as apparently turned down in an equaliser. Ghostly words from the original artists still seep through -- some songs affected worse than others -- which negates the point of such a function.

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We Sing Rock! is a by-the-numbers singing game, combining simple play with a decent tracklist and generous variety of modes for an acceptable, fun karaoke experience. The singing lessons are an interesting way to add longevity on the solo front, but ultimately it’s going to be one of those games that comes out just a few times a year for gatherings. Just how much you like to rock the party should be used as a barometer to decide whether We Sing Rock! is worth your while.


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