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1001 Touch Games (Nintendo DS) Review

Review for 1001 Touch Games on Nintendo DS - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

When a product promises players the chance to play through a large amount of games in one small collection it is normally too good to be true, and this is especially the case with 1001 Touch Games from Polish developer Teyon, and its European publisher, Avanquest UK.

Technically 1001 Touch Games is not really lying as there are indeed a wealth of games to play through, yet in actuality the large number is comprised of variants on certain themes, all with different difficulty levels and map layouts. There are definitely a batch of impressive games included, though, with favourites such as Sudoku, Solitaire, Match-3, Hidden Object and even Tangram and Tetris-style affairs, along with great use of the touch-screen for controlling everything, so it is hard to slate the amount of content that has been poured into this DS card. The area that lets the side down, however, is the weak presentation and real lack of depth that each small game thrown into the mix has, although there is at least the opportunity to play against a friend, instead always having to face a computer opponent on multiplayer titles.

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If you are looking for what basically amounts to a series of small DSiWare games bundled together, or even online Flash-based games from various genres, like arcade, action, card, board, strategy and straight up puzzle, then 1001 Touch Games may well prove to be right up your street. It is certainly the sort of stocking filler that would suit younger children who generally have shorter attention spans than more dedicated gamers. The issue is that it fizzles bright and fast, before quickly fading away and becoming nothing more than something that collects dust whilst the DS gets used for more meaty releases.

There is the option to play any of the games randomly, or even picking a random challenge that plumps you with a selection of three, six, nine or twelve games in single-player only. Most of the time it works best to simply choose the single random selector for the greatest amount of fun, but again the appeal is watered down by the fact that everything included fails to really test players’ wits. Thankfully there is enough variety to find at least one game for everyone in the family to waste some time with. Ultimately, though, Touch 1001 Games is a rather wishy-washy, throwaway game in essence.

Screenshot for 1001 Touch Games on Nintendo DS - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review


Very impressive touch-screen controls and a wide variety of mini-games on show.


Basic visuals to get the job done on the selection of games on offer.


Highly forgettable tunes that barely register when playing.


Whilst the sheer number of games, varieties on the main themes, difficulty levels and multiplayer options help bulk out 1001 Touch Games, ultimately this proves to be quite the throwaway product.

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1001 Touch Games may not quite live up to expectations, featuring watered-down editions of many much-loved gaming styles, but at a low price-point it definitely carries enough weight to push extremely weak DS puzzle releases down far enough to warrant some attention from DS owners.

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123 (guest) 23.04.2012 16:48#1

the game is so sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

it's really pitty

rachel (guest) 27.09.2012 22:42#2

how in the hell do u find solitaire on it???///:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x

Unknown (guest) 09.04.2013 18:03#3

This game takes ages to load there is not 1001 games just 50 boring games it should be fun not boring cause i wasted 15.00

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