Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Shane Jury 16.03.2012 3

Review for Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! on Nintendo 3DS

Think of a small developer that pushes otherwise standard hardware to their limits, and aside from the makers themselves you would be hard-pressed to name a better studio than Shin’en Multimedia. Since Iridion 3D on the Game Boy Advance, Shin’en has gone from strength-to-strength with each Nintendo machine the team has worked on across a variety of gaming genres, from shooters like Nanostray, puzzlers like Art of Balance, and even the Wii’s answer to F-Zero with FAST Racing League. Following its first Nintendo 3DS game, Nano Assault, Shin’en has cast its eye over the 3DS eShop with a revamp of the WiiWare title Fun! Fun! Minigolf. Does this one rebound straight in for a hole-in-one, or go sailing into the nearby car park?

Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! says almost everything you need to know in its name alone; a portable minigolf game with touch-screen elements and, thanks to the host hardware, some 3D visuals thrown in for good measure. In essence, this is purely a pick-up-and-play game; there is no underlining goal to reach or rival to beat here, just pure old fashioned golfing, done here in sets of nine holes with varying courses.

First thing that has to be touched upon (ha!) is the graphical ability of the title. Although critical reception of the original Fun! Fun! Minigolf on WiiWare was mixed when it saw release, there was little doubt of the visual fidelity the game showed, especially considering the size limits Nintendo imposed on WiiWare games. This rich graphical style has made it fully intact over to 3DS, and combined with the 3D slider makes for one of the most striking downloads on the eShop service yet.

One aspect that will stand out when playing, however, is the player characters. With normal faces they are fairly generic, but when the option of using Mii faces is unlocked, things get very scary indeed; and seeing a Mii head on a normally proportioned body helps clarify why Nintendo never did the same thing. This does help to add a little individuality to each play through, though, and the bodies animate well with the Mii expressions. Musical ability is very rarely an issue with Shin’en software, and here is no different. Cheery, catchy music accompanies play, and the voiceovers are quite encouraging and thankfully non-obtrusive.

Screenshot for Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! on Nintendo 3DS

Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! has been adapted well to the 3DS interface. Two control methods are at your disposal here -- buttons and D-Pad/Circle Pad, or touch-screen, and personal preference will decide the method as either option works fairly well. The touch indictors for lining up and powering shots can be a bit too sensitive, but this potential drawback can act as a slight handicap for more experienced players looking for a bigger challenge, so again preference plays a part. For both control methods, though, depending on the potential shot, the aiming sight on the top screen can hinder more than help, as it only depicts the ball trajectory in a straight line, and not where it will go if you rebound it against a wall. The 3D depth does help to measure direction to remedy this issue, and the field can be looked over with a press of the R trigger (albeit with a limited viewpoint) but as a result there will be a lot of trial and error to begin with for new upstarts.

Thankfully things start off quite easy in Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!. The America Cup is a fairly simple set of nine holes to get started off with, and the pop-up tutorial eases players in on controls. At the end of the courses, coins are dished out depending on the performance that can be spent in the game’s special store, and this is how the other two cups can be unlocked, along with other items such as different clubs and golf balls, as well as higher difficulty variations of all three cups.

Accompanying the cups is TrickShot Mode, in which with a set number of tries are provided so that coin medals on specially designed enclosed courses can be collected to rank up a high score. This mode is enjoyable as both practice for, and a diversion to, the main cups, and works as a useful money-collecting tool for purchasing more shop treats, including another two TrickShot courses.

All that, however, is pretty much the entire game in a nutshell. Although notable feature absentees like multiplayer and online leader boards can be excused given the game’s downloadable nature, there is only the regular scoreboards to return to after purchasing everything and beating all the modes, which admittedly isn’t as easy as it sounds. The Fun! Fun! aspect is alive and well, but the portable pick-up-and-play longevity factor is sadly limited in this instance.

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Shin’en Multimedia has refined and adapted a flawed product to a new host admirably well, utilising the original game’s visual strengths to a greater degree with the 3D slider and made it more approachable with reliable control input and multiple unlockables. Fun! Fun! Mingolf TOUCH! is purely for the solo player only, and without online and multiplayer extras how much time this game gets in your Activity List depends purely on your High Score tendencies.


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Interesting to see that this has got pretty average reviews everywhere else, yet this review seems to praise the game in most areas. I'm really on the fence about this one. Smilie

( Edited 16.03.2012 20:25 by Mush123 )

Has it? I didn't realise. I agree with Shane's review, though, as you might guess from the glowing hands-on report I did not too long ago.

In my opinion, the first WiiWare version was 6 or 7/10, whilst this steps things up A LOT, bumping it to an 7.5 or 8/10. Online and multiplayer would have helped, though.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Adam Riley said:
Has it? I didn't realise. I agree with Shane's review, though, as you might guess from the glowing hands-on report I did not too long ago.

In my opinion, the first WiiWare version was 6 or 7/10, whilst this steps things up A LOT, bumping it to an 7.5 or 8/10. Online and multiplayer would have helped, though.

Yeah, everywhere I've looked it's got 6s or 7s. Or equivelent to that in /5 cases. An 8 seems fair to me, I might "pick it up" at some point, though I'm not entirely sure when.

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