Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue (Game Boy Advance) Review

By James Temperton 10.11.2004

We are fed up with games like this one. How many more frigging generic and tedious platformers are going to be made before someone points out..."Hold up, we've been doing this for the last fifteen years, perhaps it's time for a change?". It will probably never happen, so we are going to have to keep on reviewing the same game with a few different characters and some vaguely varying background patterns. It's about as fun as being bludgeoned in the face by something very heavy and blunt, a brick for example. Rant over, and what we have here is another game that seems to have 'Annoying Platformer on GBA #1918292' stamped, slapped and embezzled all over it. But wait, what's this...the game is good?

Just like all games of think kind, there is a main character; here he manifests as some sort of Tasmanian tiger (cool, attitude problem, probably likes wearing leather and hangin’ out in da ‘hood). The game is based loosely around an Australian theme, people say ‘mate’ a lot and there are various Koala Bears and Dingoes dotted about the place. It is all a little predictable for our liking, and this feeling of déjà vu continues throughout the whole game.

Admittedly the developer has gone to considerable efforts to ensure that this is a title packed to the rafters with simple enjoyment. The gameplay is nice and varied, from normal running about and jumping, to controlling big robots, to swimming, driving jeeps and even submarines. The mixture makes for a refreshing experience at times, but we can’t help but feel that we are just being asked to run and jump in a number of cunning disguises. Don’t get us wrong, the whole experience is quite entertaining, it is just all a little bit tame and boring…

Screenshot for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue on Game Boy Advance

There are 21 types of boomerang to choose from throughout the game, and they make up the majority of Ty's weapons. They can do all sorts from freezing and setting fire to your enemies, to simply boomeranging them. Whilst the idea is a nice one, again it is all a bit similar to us. There are all sorts of enemies, and each one will need a little bit of thought if you are to get rid of it without getting hurt, but once you work a few of them out it all gets a little too obvious.

The main side-scrolling platformer part of this game is broken up by various minigames and tasks. Here you get the chance to drive about in various different vehicles from jeeps to submarines and helicopters. Whilst it is indeed a nice respite from the slightly repetitive nature of the main game it is a little pointless. For example, the jeep driving sections involve you, from a side-on camera angle, shunting foes off the road by swerving a few times whilst receiving minimal damage. What's the point? We don't know, and to be brutally honest it isn't that much fun.

Credit where credit is due, this game looks very good indeed. It is packed full of detail and well thought out levels that are genuinely enjoyable to play. Some of them allow for fast platforming action, that if repeated throughout the game would be a real bonus, sadly it only rears its enjoyable head every few levels. There are 50 missions in this game, and each one is excellently thought out and rarely too pointless. The presentation really helps too. As far as GBA platformers go, this is a real looker. Colourful, detailed, interesting and fast-paced; what more could you ask for?

Good sound perhaps? Nah, that's too much to ask. It feels like EA got to the sound and suddenly stopped working and just shoved in any random/vaguely appropriate sounds they could find. The result is a bizarre collection of ill-fitting samples that mash along with the game with all the cohesion of non-stick glue.

There is plenty to keep anyone entertained here, everything is in massive supply and it is all very enjoyable on a very predictable level. It lasted us ages (more so than most GBA games) and it is never really hugely offensive, just a tad forgettable.

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Rated 6 out of 10


Well above average, but far off anything special. All the features we have come to expect from this genre are present and correct, along with a number of new ideas. Sadly the whole experience provides few memorable moments and thus simply doesn’t make the grade. As a nice gesture, the RRP is only £19.99 and many stores are selling it for just £15.99, so for a nice fun game this really is a bargain.






2D Platformer



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