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Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Wii) Review

Review for Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise on Wii - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

Nintendo never released the very first Rhythm Tengoku (as it is known in Japan) on the Game Boy Advance outside of Japan, but its sequel, released in Europe as Rhythm Paradise and the US as Rhythm Heaven, proved so immensely popular that a third game was an inevitability. The question was, though, what format it would appear on. After a phenomenal performance over in its homeland, the renamed Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise on Wii is now set to hit European shores on 6th July. Is this third iteration the best yet?

The very first entry into the Rhythm Paradise series of music-based games from the same internal Nintendo division that brought the world WarioWare arrived on the Game Boy Advance at the tail end of its lifespan in Japan and was overlooked for an international release. Many thought it would be completely forgotten, but in Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, Nintendo has resurrected elements of the classic, switching out a speech-heavy mini-game in favour of an old portable one, and having others available as extras for players able to achieve ‘Superb’ and ‘Perfect’ ratings on the challenges faced in the main game (as well as the other extras on offer -- Rhythm Toys and Endless Games -- as treats for experts).

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise is not purely centred on recycled content, though -- far from it -- it comes with fifty brand new rhythm games, complete with the weird and wonderful characters from the previous two releases, and a new two-player mode (new to Europeans, since the arcade edition that featured it never hit these shores). Anyone concerned about the moderate issues faced with using the stylus in the DS Rhythm Paradise will be pleased to know that the controls have not deteriorated in this Wii version to mindless waggling in the hope of matching the beat. Instead, the development team has reverted to the old Game Boy Advance button input system, except this time it involves holding the Wii Remote directly forward, towards the TV screen, and relying on the top-side ‘A’ button and the ‘B’ trigger, alternating between the two, plus using both at the same time in certain modes. The range of styles for the mini-games within is very impressive, with a hefty number of intriguing rhythm tests that keep the whole game fresh. Remix stages featuring several tasks mixed together also add to the variety.

Screenshot for Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise on Wii - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review

Graphically, although the crisp nature of the visuals would be lost, this could have been carried out on a much less powerful system than the Wii, but the whole purpose of the Rhythm Paradise series is not to overwhelm players with elaborate graphics, instead focusing them on the correct timing of the beats within each piece of music. Anyway, the comical characters and mini-stories in each setting are impressive and quirky enough in their 2D form, making Beat the Beat an experience that causes both laughter amongst grown-ups and excitement for the younger crowd, especially in the way tiny little amusing details are mixed into the background scenes during the main action (keen eyes spotting these may lead to beats being mistimed whilst laughing, however!).

One of the major bugbears of years gone by is the fact that a wall could be hit on certain challenges, with them being so difficult and there being no means of really figuring what was going wrong. Now, though, beginners can access a ‘demo’ feature after making several mistakes, which attempts to show exactly how to strike the right notes. It will not be long before anyone and everyone becomes an expert at stabbing peas with a fork, playing badminton whilst flying a biplane, kicking different types of balls, screwing on robot heads, and so on. Achieving the highest score on all of the zany objectives faced along the way will soon be within the grasp of all players. Despite a few set-backs, such as the odd disappointing tune or overly tricky mini-game, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise hits all the right notes, proving to be a musical masterpiece for the entire family.

Screenshot for Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise on Wii - on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS games review


The simple approach is sometimes the best, and this definitely applies to Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, with its three-button system making for an intuitive experience that anyone can enjoy.


Extremely simple visuals, but comical nonetheless, are perfectly suited for the off-the-wall nature of the game itself.


tunes almost all the way through, with a few clankers sadly, but thankfully do not manage to spoil the entertainment factor too much.


With plenty of main games to try, remix collections, special challenges, and lots of extras to unlock, as well as a multiplayer mode and the dual-language soundtrack option, there is more than enough worth in this tasty package.

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Rated 8 out of 10

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise is yet another hit from the Nintendo factory, mixing in elements from the original Japan-only release, Rhythm Tengoku on GBA, and continuing in the fine form set by the Nintendo DS version. The perfect game for the warmth summer months; prepare for the rhythm heat wave!

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Holding off. Smilie

I have too many games.

Josh (guest) 27.06.2012 23:07#2

When it was released in America, they bumped the release price down to $30. I couldn't not pick it up, and as such devoured it. It was a ton of fun I don't regret at all.

Want this.

Rob64 (guest) 28.06.2012 20:25#4

Minigames from Rhythm Tengoku GBA?! Smilie

Sign me up! Smilie

Monkey D Super (guest) 01.07.2012 08:03#5

Do want, love the Rhythm games.

The games playful and rather subversive!

Monkey D Super (guest) 06.07.2012 17:29#7

Getting this game real soon.Smilie

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

I found this far far more enjoyable than Theatrythm :C while I prefer what the DS game had to offer in terms of gimmicks and tunes I'm always impressed with how so much original music can be made just with mini games in mind.

Been playing the hell out of this for the last 3 days. Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery
Staff Member

I still can't work out why the graphics only got a 4.. the visuals are great.

( Edited 07.07.2012 04:37 by Mush123 )

Mush123 said:
I still can't work out why the graphics only got a 4.. the visuals are great.


Staff Member

Marzy said:
Mush123 said:
I still can't work out why the graphics only got a 4.. the visuals are great.


I don't mean to sound like a dick, but yeah. I think the visuals are great. Crisp, clean and colourful. Smilie

Excellent game - I found the diff curve a bit spikey bit maybe its just me.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Graphics - I don't like the fact that it's barely anything more than the GBA game, but spruced up slightly. For a Wii title they could have done SO much more. Sure, the graphics are crisp, clear, and amusing, but compared to other 2D-style games on Wii, this is disappointing.

davyK, I agree about the difficulty spikes... (are you still doing Kororinpa, by the way?)

SuperLink - are you really still enjoying this more than Theatrhythm? Smilie

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
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