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There has been much talk about the bottom dropping out of the music genre, especially after seeing the likes of Dance Dance Revolution and Singstar fall by the wayside, as well as Rock Band and Guitar Hero also fade away. Ubisoft, however, has managed to carefully navigate the treacherous waters to keep its Just Dance line of motion matching music madness from suffering the same fate. With the fourth mainline entry now out, is Just Dance 4 more than a simple 'roster update'?

For those new to the series, the brief synopsis is thus: despite Just Dance 4 including lyrics on each of the songs in its forty-plus line-up, it does not actually include microphone support for singing. Neither does it use any gimmicks like Balance Board compatibility for monitoring feet movement. There is not even use for the humble Nunchuk! Just Dance is simply a case of using a standard Wii Remote to match the choreographed moves that appear on the TV. Watch the professionals -- albeit in neon silhouetted form -- jive around, whilst keeping a beady eye on the prompts in the lower-right to try to minimise random arm flailing, and quickly build up the points. Sounds a doddle, right?

Not really, in actuality, since many times the temptation will be to focus solely on the dancing figures and the elaborate backgrounds, thus not following the exact steps required. Other times, intently watching the guidance imagery can cause timings to be slightly messed up. Therefore, although players can make sufficient gyrations to get a moderate score, the trick to unlocking the extras in Just Dance 4 is that more skill is required, with more concentration on all elements involved.

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Battle against friends in high octane dance-offs, join forces in four-player routines for certain songs, open up brand new choreographies for extra challenge, or go fitness crazy with the return of 'Just Sweat,' where calories are counted, and new workout sessions and personalised programmes are available. There is also more incentive to go back to particular tracks now with up to six special tasks to complete per song, unlocking more rewards along the way, and building up what is equivalent to experience points in an RPG, with new 'levels' allowing for further new content to be accessed. With the chance to create dancer cards to keep an eye on individual statistics, take part in duets, enjoy special mash-ups, and soak up the usual slew of download content, Just Dance 4 is easily the most enjoyable version yet.

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Just Dance 4 is a triumph and goes to show that Ubisoft has definitely not been resting on its laurels, pouring more features into its premier music-related product to ensure that those that played other iterations are kept entertained, whilst the basic accessibility remains for newcomers. This is no mere roster update; this is pure dancing goodness.

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What really intrigues me is how the Kinect and Move versions didn't even enter the Top 40 individual formats chart...Wii all the way, baby! Shows the system can still hack it for certain games.

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