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By Az Elias 11.01.2014 1

Review for Wakedas on Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is becoming somewhat of a puzzle machine these days. With the popularity of the eShop, and of course the opportunity for developers to get their smaller games onto the system easier this way, many intriguing little titles in the genre are cropping up often. Wakedas is one such new addition that puzzle fans may wish to take note of.

Ever tried to solve a Rubik's Cube? Hard, isn't it? Ever tried to solve just one side of it? Even that is a struggle. Wakedas is very much like that—trying to solve one side of a Rubik's Cube. The idea is to slide around rows and columns of squares across a grid, and line up the varying colours with each other so that the same colours are linked together. Just like that famous cube puzzle, it sounds so simple… but the solution isn't always the case.

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The game naturally presents easy puzzles to begin with, with no tutorials; it is from going hands-on and moving a few squares around that the goal becomes clear. The more puzzles completed, the more that open up, and eventually, after clearing the majority of the 3x3 square grids, 4x4 and 5x5 stages unlock, making for a total of 300 unique puzzles to conquer.

Further ideas present themselves later on, making for trickier puzzles and more thought processing, such as triangles inside squares; locked-in squares, which stop entire rows from being moved around; and even shapes that rotate as they are slid across. Wakedas can be played at a leisurely pace; there are no time restrictions or penalties for making wrong moves. It is the sort of game that uses trial and error to eventually arrive at the solution. It seems that the answer often pieces itself together by mere accident on many occasions, though. Sure enough, by studying the grid carefully, the right moves can be worked out to eventually get to the solution, of which there are sometimes many in any given puzzle, but the more challenging the puzzles become, the more that blind movement comes into play. Just as solving a Rubik's Cube is very difficult for most people, the same can be said of a lot of Wakedas' puzzles; never impossible, but many require some perseverance.

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Wakedas is another alternative to the numerous puzzle games out there on the Nintendo 3DS today, offering a decent option for those that like Rubik's Cube-type games or grid-based puzzle solving. Oftentimes, the solution comes in the way it wasn't expected and accidentally, but it delivers many challenging puzzles that those dedicated enough will get some satisfaction out of. Its cheap price should really make it one to consider for any enthusiast of the genre.









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It certainly sounds appealing, especially at that price, but there are SO many puzzle games on eShop now that it might make this tricky to make this a priority purchase...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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