Reel Fishing Paradise 3D (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Az Elias 11.01.2014

Review for Reel Fishing Paradise 3D on Nintendo 3DS

The Dreamcast and its Dreamcast Fishing Controller, which was first used with SEGA Bass Fishing, may have managed to provide an arcade and hands-on fishing experience, but the advent of motion controls served to make these games even more mainstream, with the Wii, in particular, allowing for realistic fishing simulators. The Nintendo 3DS and its touch screen provides yet another method to reeling in the biggest carp and bass with Reel Fishing Paradise 3D—now also available to download on the eShop.

Fishing games just aren't quite engaging unless they use different technology to standard controller button inputs. Whether it's the aforementioned Dreamcast Fishing Controller or the Wii or PS3's motion controllers, these make for a better representation of what it's really like to actually park down on the edge of a lake and pull in fresh catches. The Nintendo 3DS doesn't quite make for the best alternative, but it manages to get the basics down.

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Some old fellow sends out missions one at a time, like "Catch three carp at this place." A flick of the stylus sends the line into the water, and then it's simply a case of getting the attention of the fish. A few wiggles of the Circle Pad moves the lure around, and a quick swipe upwards once any live one takes the bait hooks it. Unsurprisingly, motioning circles on the touch screen reels the fish in, with a meter indicating when to stop and start to prevent the line breaking or unhooking.

That's easy enough, then. After just a few missions, it's boring enough, too. One assignment after the next is pretty much the same thing. Catch a couple of one type of fish, and then catch a few more at a certain size. Unlock the next location, and do the same again with whatever new fish are there. There's no variety, and knowing which bait or lure to use is a case of merely opening a menu and seeing which one has the highest compatibility rating for the fish that needs catching. It's just far too easy and far too monotonous.

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Reel Fishing Paradise 3D is one of only very few options available for people looking for a fishing game on the Nintendo 3DS. It simply cannot match console simulators that really get the feel for fishing down far better than a portable edition can, though. The same old task after repetitive task is really all the game can offer, leaving what is bound to feel like a missed opportunity for the fishing fans out there.









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