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By SirLink 11.01.2014 5

Review for Tangram Style on Nintendo 3DS

Tangram Style was developed by Moving Player, a developer and publisher of downloadable video games for mobiles, tablets and consoles. With plenty of puzzle games on 3DS eShop, such as the recently reviewed Wakedas, how does this compare? With Tangram Style serving up plenty of content, is it worth checking out for dedicated puzzle fans? Read on to find out…

For those that don't know, tangram is a geometric puzzle where the goal is to put together seven different pieces into a specific shape. The pieces are always the same and consist of five right-angled triangles in different sizes, a square and a parallelogram. Solving these puzzles requires all seven parts to be used without any overlap to cover the given silhouette. The recognition sadly tends to be a bit finicky and it's not unusual to encounter a situation where one would think that the tangram is solved but the game says otherwise because one piece is a tiny bit off. It's not a big issue but having a slightly more lenient recognition would have been appreciated.

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There are four different modes of tangram to play. Classic Mode follows the rules described above. Child Mode colour-codes each space to make it easier for younger players to solve but it's completely redundant for everybody else. Challenge Mode puts some pressure on the player by adding a time limit while One Touch Mode doesn't allow taking moves back and requires carefully thought out plans. Solving tangrams in different modes will slowly unlock collectable totems and even more puzzles to tackle. Unfortunately, even the different game modes add little variety and it becomes very repetitive rather quickly.

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Tangram Style does what it sets out to do quite well and offers a lot of content, but the lack of variety makes it hard to recommend over other puzzle offerings on the 3DS eShop, even at the now lowered price of £2.69. Dedicated fans of tangram should find plenty to dig into, however.


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Op, op, op, op
Oppa Tangram Style!

Sorry, it just had to be done. Smilie

Smilie Disappointed that I didn't think of that one! I really enjoy Tangram puzzles, but the most annoying thing is when a game does indeed do what this does - you have everything in place, but the game doesn't recognise it!! SO frustrating Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

I was so tempted to put that reference in the review but I opted for a more professional approach. Smilie

Eyyyy, sexy block puzzles. Eh, eh, eh, eh!

I quite enjoy a puzzler or two like this, but really something free/mobile rather than having to pay for it tbh.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

jb said:
Eyyyy, sexy block puzzles. Eh, eh, eh, eh!

I quite enjoy a puzzler or two like this, but really something free/mobile rather than having to pay for it tbh.

It's 2014 and we're still parodying Gangnam Style. Tsk Tsk...

It should be...



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