Wii Sports Club - Golf (Wii U) Review

By SirLink 26.01.2014 17

Review for Wii Sports Club - Golf on Wii U

Wii Sports Club started out with Tennis and Bowling, with the goal of more sports being added over time. Golf is the first addition to the initial duo, but is it a hole-in-one or a triple bogey? Read on to find out…

While tennis and bowling are improved by the usage of Wii Motion Plus alone, golf also uses the GamePad in an excellent way and considerably enhances the overall experience. The GamePad is put on the floor and shows the player the ball and the terrain it's on while providing real-time feedback on where the club is in relation to the ball. This allows for finely tuned shots as the game recognises at which angle the ball is hit. It's some very impressive technology indeed but whether that's a blessing or a curse is entirely up to the player, as the tutorial only teaches the mere basics of the game and not how to properly play golf. There are some hints shown between sessions or on loading screens but it's still largely unexplained and certainly not suitable for impatient amateurs.

While the tutorial is quite lacking, the three practise modes offer a great environment to hone one's skills. Putter Madness provides 10 balls and 10 holes on the same green and awards points based on the length of each successful shot. Bingo Clubber turns the green into a bingo field and the goal is to land short to medium range shots on them to score points, with successful bingos providing bonus points. Finally, there's Target Shooter where long-range shots are tested by landing on a distant island in the water. Unlike Bingo Clubber, the spot where the ball first hit the ground is the one that actually counts. Points are awarded based on how close to the centre the ball landed and extra multipliers can be earned by successfully shooting through a target area that slowly expands.

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Early attempts on the real golf courses will likely end with very poor scores but it's an extremely satisfying feeling to finally nail a Par or even a Birdie and then strive to consistently achieve them. Of course, there's always the lofty goal of scoring a legendary hole-in-one that causes even the most seasoned golf players to perform victory dances.

One thing that could use some refinement is the online mode. While the core gameplay works well, it's not clear how to re-calibrate the Wii Remote Plus if it starts acting up as the pause menu can't be accessed during online play. Putting it on the floor or a table during another player's turn seems to work well enough but there's no indication that it's possible and it makes it look like there is no way to re-calibrate in an online game. It's also impossible to manually leave a session, which means that anyone who wants to quit is forced to wait until a 30-second timer runs out and the game automatically disqualifies them.

There are two sets of nine holes, Classic and Lakeside. Classic is a remake of the courses in the original Wii Sports while Lakeside are new ones that can be quite devious and - as the name suggests - contain plenty of nasty water hazards. The main options are nine holes of either Classic or Lakeside, both of them in a row or finally courses with only three holes for shorter games.

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Wii Sports Club: Golf offers a remarkable upgrade over its two predecessors by putting the GamePad to great use and provides perhaps the best way to play golf in the comfort of one's living room. Don't take this game lightly, though, as this incarnation requires plenty of practise and patience and is likely to be enjoyed the most by players that appreciate the sport in general. Those looking for a game to casually play with some friends may want to consider buying Wii Sports Club: Tennis or Wii Sports Club: Bowling instead.









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This sounds brilliant and I have no doubt Nintendo will eventually do a disc release with all the games bundled together - it just makes too much sense!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

 Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

I am surprised - does sound good and this should be one of the selling points in a TV ad of sorts - buy the New Wii U,  a successor to the Wii, with the latest Wii Sports included!

Adam Riley said:
This sounds brilliant and I have no doubt Nintendo will eventually do a disc release with all the games bundled together - it just makes too much sense!

A disc release or, better still, pre-installed on all Wii U systems, would be great.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Pre-installed - genius idea!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

 Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

How much do they charge for these games individually?

Can you buy the full pack in one go to pre-purchase the games as they come out? Like pay £15 now to automatically download the next game in the series?

Still can't even see ads for these games drawing people in to Wii U, to be quite honest. Most people will see them and remember having played the hell out of them on Wii and not really see much reason to buy these new games. Even if they do look like improvements over the Wii versions, I think to the casual buyer, it's a case of "been there, done that" and they've moved on to the next fad - as happens with most casual media phases.

I could have sworn I put a note somewhere in the review that an individual sport costs nine pounds. Smilie You can also buy a cheaper day pass to access the entire selection, just in case you only want to have them for some event with family/friends. The software is also automatically downloaded via Spotpass and upon first booting up the game you activate a free day pass for all sports to try them out. When golf was added, they gave everybody a new free day pass which activates after the initial one runs out even if you'd start it for the first time today. That's what happened to me, automatically redeemed a day pass twice that unlocked the other two sports.

Waste of money unless you are going to spend a considerate amount of time on it, which 99% of WiiU gamers won't, I agree it would be best if it came free on the WiiU pre-installed.

( Edited 27.01.2014 19:16 by georg3 )

georg3 said:
Waste of money unless you are going to spend a considerate amount of time on it

Doesn't that apply to nearly all paid console games?

( Edited 27.01.2014 19:24 by Sonic_13 )

Georg3 (guest) 28.01.2014#8

I think I'D get more time and fun out of any other game than this, aimed quite a bit to golfers

Our member of the week

i'm not a golfer yet wii sports golf was the only sport in the wii game that had me turn on the console to play it solo in the early days of the Wii when all I had to play was wii sports and twilight princess Smilie.

This one interests me very much!! And I don't reall care for the other sports to be fair, so it would be a good purchase Smilie !

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

No it wouldn't! There is no complexity in the game, no storyline nor anything that makes it interesting at all. You may enjoy it but it isn't worth £9 at all and you can't convince me it it.

Our member of the week

Not trying to convince you or anything lol Smilie. I don't get money from Nintendo if you buy one, I don't really care how you spend your money Smilie. I am however entitled to have an opinion, and I do like my golf game ^^.

If you don't want to spend money on one and try one out, I can suggest Albatros18/Pangya on PC. It's online, it's free, and has a cool community to boot Smilie !! But it won't make you feel like you're actually playing golf though Smilie, unlike this one.

( Edited 29.01.2014 22:46 by RudyC3 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I don't want to play any golf game at all I only play games that are exciting and innovative, golf on the WiiU isn't.

Our member of the week

Why even comment on this then if you are not even interested in golf and think golf games aren't exciting enough for you XD ?

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I didn't mention the fact that I'm mot interested in the sport, in fact I play it quite often and what I did mention was that the game wasn't worth £9 as it doesn't offer anything new to golf games nor anything that will keep us talking about the game in a month's time. I also mentioned that is should be preinstalled for free, after all during these times for Nintendo you'd think they would make it more worthy of buying - not that it isn't- as SirLink mentioned it takes practise and patience, that won't appeal to many people so why price it? It won't help the WiiU but at least if it is free people will think they're getting their money's worth from the WiiU. I'm sure other members have diagreed with you before.

It would be very interesting to see what impact adding these games to a future Wii U bundle would have. Could Nintendo get that spark alight again?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

 Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses
Georg3 (guest) 31.01.2014#16

I didn't mention hating golf in any of my posts at all, but instead explained that a standard golf game, that even SirLink explained was a game that needed patience, isn't worth £9, because at this time for the WiiU you'd think Nintendo would try harder to make the WiiU seem more appealing- not that it isn't- so for that reason there is no way a game that is nowhere near as fun as other titles should cost £9. In a year from now I doubt anyone will talk about the game at all and that it should be installed on the WiiU for free

The above post is an older version of my last post accidentally sent, nothing new.

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