Jewel Link: Safari Quest (Nintendo DS) Review

By Adam Riley 27.02.2014

Review for Jewel Link: Safari Quest on Nintendo DS

Easy Interactive, rokapublish and Heptamind team up for another Match-3 puzzle effort, this time Jewel Link Safari Quest. Three programmers, two people on music and sound effects duty, two on visuals, and what is delivered is something cheap to make and bound to rake in the money. However, does a smaller team mean that it lacks the same level of quality found in similar games like Jewel Link Galactic Quest or Jewel Link Legends of Atlantis 3D (both from the same developer)?

What can be said that has not already been written about time and time again with Match-3 puzzle titles? Jewel Link Safari Quest follows in the sturdy footsteps of the development team's previous Jewel Link entries and gives players the enjoyment of being able to swap two adjacent tiles around on-screen in order to match three or more of the same colour - horizontally or vertically - and fulfil whatever criteria is specified in a stage in order to move onwards.

Screenshot for Jewel Link: Safari Quest on Nintendo DS

The angle taken in this particular DS outing is that the gamer is working their way around a safari park and, as such, lots of animals are paraded around on the visual front to reflect this. It is the same heart beating under an alternate aesthetic, and with no extras poured in to differentiate this from the countless other Match-3 games on the market, whilst still addictive, Safari Quest grows stale quicker than expected.

However, saying that, the pleasure of clearing large batches of tiles in one go thanks to clever positioning of one set is still enough to keep that 'just one more go' feeling present. Drawing specific objects wedged in the middle of gaming boards down to the bottom of the screen by clearing the way around it can prove to be frustrating at times, but certainly in a good way as it adds to the challenge. Sadly, though, this lacks the pizzazz of its counterparts.

Screenshot for Jewel Link: Safari Quest on Nintendo DS

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Whilst still proving to be one of those games that wiles away the hours, sadly it does not quite live up to the heady levels of quality set in other titles of this ilk. Jewel Link Safari Quest is one of those Match-3 titles that should be picked up when other, more addictive, options have already been explored. It is still a great little game for the Nintendo DS, but not a must-have by any means.


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