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By SirLink 20.03.2014 1

Review for AeternoBlade on Nintendo 3DS

AeternoBlade was developed by Corecell Technology and is a 2D action-platformer. With the 3DS eShop being home to many platformers and puzzle games, there's little direct competition on the platform for games of its kind. The question is, can it impress, or is it not even worth considering? Well, the answer isn't quite as simple as that.

The story follows Freyja - the sole survivor of an attack on her village - who is on a quest to defeat the villain called Beladim with the aid of a magical sword that can manipulate time, the Aeterno Blade. Much like the rest of the presentation, the story is okay, but nothing special.

The game is split into seven stages, most of which have a particular theme. They are far from linear and feature a lot of branching paths for additional exploration. Navigation is made more convenient by the option to teleport between several checkpoints per level, but the map could use some improvements to make it easier to spot any unexplored areas. Exploration is usually worthwhile, offering additional currency and items to enhance Freyja's abilities. Up to three relics can be equipped at a time and enhanced with additional power-up relics. The effects range from providing boosts to HP or attack power, to more specific functions, such as decreasing the damage taken while rewinding time. Her base stats and attacks can also be upgraded with yellow orbs obtained by defeating enemies or selling spare relics.

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The combat is definitely the best part of the game. It starts off fairly basic with simple air, ground and crouch combos, but gets a lot more engaging once additional abilities and attacks are acquired. Regular enemies aren't much of a challenge, but the boss fights are highlights and make up for it. There is a fair amount of puzzles, too, and they involve the three time manipulation abilities of the Aeterno Blade. The first one can be used to rewind time to cheat death and get another chance. The second version is similar, but only affects everything except Freyja, while the third one creates a warp point that the player can warp back to at any moment. All of them consume Mana, so they can't be used indefinitely, despite the fact that it regenerates slowly.

These mechanics are used for some clever puzzles and can be quite useful to have in combat, too, but they're also the source of some frustrations - particularly later in the adventure. The ability to rewind time allows for more trial and error compared to other games, but some segments feel very cheap and frustrating, dragging down what could have otherwise been a pretty good game.

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AeternoBlade offers decent combat, platforming and puzzles that involve its time manipulation mechanic. Unfortunately, it is lacking polish, and several cheap segments later in the game can lead to unnecessary frustration. Its initial price of £13.50 is also quite steep, making it hard to recommend. Fans of 2D action-platformers, such as Castlevania, might still want to check it out, though.






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Nice review SirLink, I also bought AeternoBlade & while it is rather bland in terms of story & characters (the poor english grammar makes me think it's made by a Korean team or something) the gameplay is pretty nice & I also enjoy the fact that it runs smoothly (I THINK it might be at 60FPS) even with full 3D on. It's a strong attempt by a new studio & I hope these guys fine tune their development skills & give us something even better next time! Smilie

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

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