Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Adam Riley 05.05.2014 3

Review for Mario Golf: World Tour on Nintendo 3DS

Everyone begged for Camelot to come back to the Nintendo fold after heading out to do its own thing with the likes of the rather average We Love Golf! on Wii and some versions of the Pangya! series on PC. It did just that, but sadly its comeback was the rather ropey Mario Tennis Open for 3DS that severely tarnished the series' good name. Now, though, the former Hot Shots Golf developers have dusted themselves down and got their heads down to give Mario Golf the 3DS treatment. Roll up, roll up, Mario Golf: World Tour is finally here!

Like any good sports title, there is a helpful tutorial to ease newcomers to the fairway into the action, and also act as a handy reminder for veterans just how the controls have been mapped to the 3DS layout. As with Mario Tennis Open, there are plenty of Touch Screen shortcuts for those wanting a simpler experience throughout, but manual options for those golfing aficionados out there are also present and correct, for tweaking spin, power, and so on. The main drawback will come from sheer laziness; with simplistic control options right there, the habit will be to merely tap A to set the power bar in motion, and then tap once more to whack the ball towards the hole. Rinse and repeat through the numerous courses to play across. Thankfully, Power Shots are used in moderation, unlike in the tennis variety of Camelot's catalogue, meaning breezing through is not quite as straightforward, and the challenge of carefully positioning the flight of the ball against the wind direction, whilst also dodging obstacles (bunkers, trees, and 'other' items on the crazier courses) is in full force to appeal to more experienced players.

People still hark back to the classic GameCube version, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, as being one of the highlights of the series, whilst others with more of a penchant for Camelot's RPG side hanker after another Mario Golf: Advance Tour-styled outing. What is on offer here is more traditional, despite initial appearances. Jumping into Castle Club, a Mii character is chosen from those stored on the 3DS and players move it around the Mario-themed areas, talking to Shy Guys, Koopa Troopas and other familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. However, none of it follows a story, instead acting as a hub to gain access to the various courses and training sessions the game offers.

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There is quite a fair amount packed in from the start, which is commendable for those solo players, plus all sorts of multiplayer madness expected from this 'fun' take on what is otherwise a serious sports affair, but there is also a large amount of download content. For the most part, playing through the more realistic courses is very satisfying and the experience of the development team really shines through, with craftily built areas filled with numerous treacherous zones and weather effects that test even the most seasoned gamer. Opting to jump into the wackier courses proves to be just as fun, though, especially when cracking open the tin marked 'Mario characters' and taking control of the likes of Waluigi, Donkey Kong and Luigi, as well as triggering special item blocks dotted around special courses (Mushrooms to speed the ball up, Bullet Bills to drive over any terrain, and plenty more that are completely optional to use once collected).

Online has been developed considerably, as well, to further the enjoyment factor, with local and global tournaments, plus the aforementioned download packs that bring along new characters and courses at reasonable prices (a special lower price of £10.79 for a Season Pass until the end of May, anyone? Yes, thank you!). Earn coinage to buy new items in the Mii mode, undertake character or item-specific objectives…Mario Golf: World Tour is a resounding success, despite not bringing massive levels of innovation. Tried-and-tested sometimes is indeed best!

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Choosing to ease off on the weird and wacky antics of previous outings, Mario Golf: World Tour is a resounding success, harking back to the original pure fun of the Nintendo 64 outing, whilst still keeping the 'out there' elements for fans of the GameCube edition, just having them in the background now instead. Whilst lacking in any real innovation, and sadly missing a much desired return of the RPG mode, this almost back-to-basics golfing title is one that Nintendo 3DS owners should seriously consider looking into. Overall, it is easy and intuitive for newcomers, with elements of added depth for veterans.









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Our member of the week

Want this game so bad from trying the demo! I got reminiscence from playing Pangya when trying it, from the power shots to parts of the interface, though of course both games have different mechanics. Why do I have to be broke and why does it have to come out the same month as Mario Kart 8 XD ?

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Sounds good, and great that they've stepped back a bit and kept it more core. Shame about the lack of RPG mode in these games - LOVED the Mario Tennis RPG from the GBC/GBA outings of Mario Tennis, but since then it's just been about online and basic single player.

With just a little bit more dev time, Nintendo/Camelot etc should really add this focus in all these spin-off titles - Mario Kart included.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I loved the RPG modes, so am gutted they're absent. When I first dived into Castle Club I was like Smilie Smilie and then when I quickly realised it was merely a central hub I was like Smilie

Makes me hanker after another Golden Sun, but the DS version bombed BADLY, so it could well be dead in the water Smilie

At least Camelot didn't mess this up like with Mario Tennis Open. That really didn't hit the spot at all, which killed me as I loved the Tennis line more than the Mario Golf series. Bring back Mario Tennis 64 with online and I'll be more than happy!! Smilie

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