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Fans of Nintendo's WiiWare service, in particular, may be familiar with Swords & Soldiers from Ronimo Games, which is now also available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop service thanks to Two Tribes, the studio behind Toki Tori and its equally impressive sequel. This version comes with an upgraded presentation and both Touch Screen and Wii Remote controls, all at a budget price. Is it still as good as it was back then, though? Read on to find out…

Real-time strategy games are usually fairly complex and deep, but Swords & Soldiers is quite the opposite. It's accessible and simple, but offers enough depth to keep things interesting. Missions are played in a 2D perspective, with a sizeable battlefield between two bases for units to duke it out. It is not possible to give them orders; instead, they move to the opponent's side and fight automatically, while player control is limited to deciding what units to build and what upgrades to go after. The only way to actively take part in battles is with magical spells that vary based on the chosen faction, such as zapping foes with a thunderbolt or protecting an ally with a magical shield.

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Cleverly using the available resources and spells is key, but even that will rarely be enough to beat some scenarios, specifically in the second and third campaign. The game's difficulty curve is its only real downside; most missions are quite easy, but then a select few are drastically more difficult, with the computer having an overwhelming supply of units and Mana for spells. There is nothing wrong with a challenge, but there should be a certain balance, which is not the case here. At the very least, it's possible to skip to the next campaign to avoid being stuck on a single - particularly tough - level.

In addition to the Wii Remote controls from the original WiiWare version, Two Tribes has added Touch Screen controls. Both ways work well, although it's easier and faster to control with the latter. During the multiplayer mode, one person can play on the GamePad screen while the other uses the TV and Wii Remote. An option to change the speed of the game is also available, which can be quite handy for anyone struggling to keep up with the action.

Aside from the regular campaigns, there is a quick Skirmish mode - where the difficulty and map size can be customised - and three challenges to achieve high scores on. Plenty of achievements can be obtained, too, by performing some particularly tricky feats.

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Swords & Soldiers is a unique and fun take on the RTS genre that still holds up very well today. A sequel to it was recently announced by Ronimo Games as a Wii U exclusive, and Two Tribes has provided an updated version of the original at a budget price of £2.69 as a perfect opportunity for new players to try out the franchise. It is relatively accessible for a strategy game, too, making it even easier to jump into the game.

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It's great to see two devs working together like this. Maybe an indie should contact SEGA to help get Bayonetta on eShop in advance of B2's release as well.

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