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By Lewis Richards 27.06.2014 1

Review for Puddle on PlayStation 4

Developed by Neko Entertainment and published by Konami, Puddle is a puzzle platformer which involves guiding liquids to a goal just by tilting to the left or right. It was originally released back in January 2012 on Xbox 360's Live Arcade and PlayStation 3's PS Network. Since then, it has been re-released on other platforms, including Wii U, and most recently on the PlayStation 4 in May 2014, which is the version Cubed3 takes a look at here.

The main objective of Puddle is to guide liquids through multiple different obstacles only by tilting the screen left and right with the R2 and L2 triggers. This gives the game a much more unique impression than any other typical platformer, as instead of controlling a character, players control where the liquids go using the clever physics of the game.

Upon starting the game, the loading screen gives a small tip on how each liquid functions and how to avoid losing the fluids. Trying to get most of the liquid to the end is where the real challenge is and requires good timing and patience for best results. It's easy enough in some levels, but it gets much tougher in the later stages to keep the majority of liquid. The top left of the screen shows how much liquid there is left, and if it goes below a certain point which is indicated by a red line, the level will have to be restarted. It is a simple concept overall, but one where the slightest mistake can cost and force restarts of levels. Fortunately, the Triangle button can be used to restart the level instantly if mistakes are made. One problem is that since there's no checkpoint system; it can become quite frustrating to redo an entire level from one simple mistake, especially on some of the longer levels later on. Having said that, there is an option to skip levels, with the ability to skip four times if specific ones are becoming too much of a problem.

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Besides the main game, there is a mode called Laboratory, which allows players to create a mini level and experiment with placing different objects to get a better feel for the physics in the game. This definitely helps to get accustomed to the main game, and it is also fun just to mess around and create some intriguing level designs. There are a total of eight worlds with six unique stages in each, and multiple varying liquids that really change how each level is played and traversed. Examples of this would be in a level where water needs to be guided past areas of fire before it evaporates; whereas other levels require players to carefully guide nitroglycerine along without handling it too roughly, otherwise it'll explode. There's even a level designed around guiding a cocktail drink through a human's body, which is interesting yet slightly unsettling on the stomach.

Upon completing levels, a bronze, silver, or gold award is handed out depending on completion time and how much liquid is left. Completion time for each level can be compared to others on the leader boards, making it fun to revisit levels to get the fastest time possible. There's also an unlockable extreme mode that players can get their hands on once the game is completed for an even tougher take on the levels.

The visuals, while simple, are a joy to look at with a different style in each world. The colour mainly comes from the actual liquids and main obstacles instead of the background which is limited to a small colour palette; however, this helps players identify what's an obstacle and what's not. The music changes from a slow but calm techno style, where it becomes faster paced and upbeat in some later stages. This, combined with the realistic sound effects of liquids sliding, dropping and splashing, makes the overall audio great indeed.

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Puddle is a great game that's much more refreshing from standard platformers, featuring a unique puzzle twist on the gameplay. Fans looking for something a bit different compared to a traditional platformer, or those who are simply interested in puzzle platformers in general, should definitely be interested in checking this out, especially at the bargain price of £5.99.









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I did find it a bit repetitive and not always easy to play personally when I reviewed the Wii U version a little over a year ago. But it did have gyroscope controls which were great to use by tilting the gamepad, while playing on it! I don't think I would love it as much with gyro controls

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