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Review for Blackwell Convergence on iOS

What is noticeable in the Blackwell series is that there is a tangible effort to make each chapter in the series more detailed in terms of the puzzle solving and increasing the sense of scope in the story. Convergence has this in spades and this is the chapter in which the series seems to be ramping up in preparation for the concluding two chapters. This expansion takes the form of the return of the 'Countess,' meaner than ever, who was killed at the end of Unbound by Joey and Lauren and also expands on the idea of her targeting those written about by regular non-dead humans through their emails.

The story seems like the logical place to begin and, as mentioned, it takes a step up. Some players may find the cases on the surface to be a little duller than others before but it is the overarching plot behind the murders that suddenly brings the story up to a whole new level.

The player is back in charge of Rosa again and the story is based back in her time shortly after the events of Legacy with her and Joey now working together as a fully fledged team. They investigate the death of a notable New York actor who has just completed a film and what is said is a heart attack soon appears to be a murder.

However, the story takes a lot of smart turns and what begins as a simple enough idea soon involves large investment funds with suspicious motives, an unknown figure from the ghost world who is trying to communicate with Rosa through her dreams, and, most disturbingly of all, the return of 'The Countess,' and boy is she meaner and more powerful than ever. What is most engaging are the more intense scenes of action in this chapter and it is clear that there was an additional budget to increase the scope of the story-telling and it makes a tangible difference.

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Also, relating to the budget has been a good polish and sheen of the graphics engine in the game. Anyone who was disappointed with the decidedly retro look of the previous titles will have a little more comfort with the higher detailed backgrounds that have had some of the jagged edges smoothed out as well as the portraits of the characters given another layer of detail, slightly larger locations, and also some nice effects, such as rain fall.

Puzzles have also been given yet another push of progression with the cool addition of an email and Internet search system that acts as the 21st Century version of Unbound's phonebook. Although these things are just gimmicks really, they do add variety to the kinds of puzzles players complete, with one memorable puzzle being using Joey to eavesdrop on a conversation to discover the password to someone's email account and then using it to access their emails for a clue to who the murderer is.

The soundtrack is once again very well made, yet it is just personal taste and some might find the reduction in the more bluesy-jazz style music a little disappointing. Also, slightly annoying is a return to Rosa and her monotone voice, after the more expressive Lauren in the previous chapter.

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Blackwell Convergence is a valiant upgrade to the enjoyable previous episode, Unbound, setting the story up for its concluding chapters with a much darker tone as well. The graphics have been given an upgrade but the return to Rosa might not be enjoyable for those who preferred her aunt Lauren and the actor whose murder players investigate isn't a very intriguing character. Overall, though, this is a game to play and hopefully it will not be too long before the remaining chapters are ported to iOS.

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Is this the one where there's a disco scene? It's either this or the fourth game where there's a great synth-dance tune that really stood out as being TOTALLY different from the rest of the soundtrack Smilie

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