Shut the Box (Wii U) Review

By Brian Short 13.09.2014

Review for Shut the Box on Wii U

Developer RCMADIAX has quite a reputation for producing quick and cheap eShop titles for download. Shut the Box doesn't look to buck that tradition, but can it at least provide a smidgen of entertainment? Read on as Cubed3 attempts to shut the box once and for all.

Based on an old pub game of the same name, Shut the Box features the same basic gameplay. The goal is to eliminate all of the numbered tiles (one through nine) by rolling a pair of dice. For example, if the dice were rolled and a three and two popped up, the tiles that could be eliminated are five, four and one, or three and two. This process continues until all of them are eliminated, or a number is rolled that cannot be eliminated, such as snake eyes with no two available to remove.

In the original game, a box is used with tiles that can be flipped down once their number is eliminated, effectively "shutting" the box. There isn't one in this particular game, though, so the title might lead to some confusion for those unfamiliar with the premise. In fact, there is not much present at all. There are two dice, but they are not animated, only revealing their dots once a button is pressed. The tiles simply disappear when tapped should their number correspond to the dice.

Screenshot for Shut the Box on Wii U

What does make Shut the Box different from most iterations is that it features three rows of numbers, rather than a singular row. The second row has them inverted, counting down from nine to one, adding a layer of complexity not present in the original. Many different strategies can now be used to eliminate all 27 tiles.

Scoring is based on what tile is removed, allowing for a maximum score of 135. A three is worth three points, a four is worth four points, and so on. The scoring seems a bit trivial based on this; it would be much better if there were a timing bonus, rewarding players that made quick decisions. Unfortunately, Shut the Box does not seem intent on innovating but rather replicating an old pub game.

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Light on content and presentation, Shut the Box is a hard recommendation for any gamer. Cheap graphics and sound sully the experience. At its base, the game is fun and somewhat addictive, but does it need to be on the Wii U eShop? No, not when free alternatives are readily available, as well as the real package. If the scoring system was reworked and some animation was added to the otherwise lifeless presentation, it might be worth the price of admission. As is, this is a cheap imitation that wouldn't do well on an app store and shouldn't be on the eShop.









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