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By Joseph Hawkins 06.10.2014 1

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I've Got to Run! accomplishes its main goal, in that it is an endless runner, and that's about it. Looking for a challenge? It won't be found here. Looking for some fun times? Better run along to somewhere else (unless in a large group of people). I've Got to Run! misses out on being something unique, and instead settles for something tired and uninspired.

I've Got to Run! finds itself among a slew of endless runners, such as Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, and Canabalt. Unfortunately, it doesn't do endless runner nearly as good as the previously mentioned titles. The game consists of the three game modes, Endless Classic, Endless Double, and Endless Special, which are each an endless level with randomly generated platforms. The difference between the three modes consists of single jump, double jump, and double jump with speed changing pickups, respectively.

The controls of the game are just as simple as the game modes. Push any button on the GamePad and Roy will jump. It's that simple, and unfortunately that simplicity hurts the game more than it helps. The player is not able to control the jump power or length in any way, and after a few minutes of one button mashing in each game mode (though any button can be mashed), they have experienced just about all the game has to offer. The game's one redeeming factor comes from the fact having a large group of friends over and trying to beat each other's high scores can offer a bit of fun, even if it is short lived.

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Aesthetically, this game looks about as good as a pile of multi-coloured dirt. Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but each one of the three game modes has a static background, and the randomly generated platforms scroll across the screen. Endless Classic is set in a kitchen, Endless Double is set in front of a castle, and Endless Special is set in space. An obvious progression if there ever was one. The static backgrounds in I've Got to Run! are about as uninspired as could be imagined, and do nothing to make the game seem like any less of a waste of time and effort.

With a game as simple as I've Got to Run!, focus needs to be put on either level design or art style, and unfortunately it seems like both of these were neglected.

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I've Got to Run! missed out on being a unique experience on the Wii U, and instead turned out to be a poor excuse of a game. As was said earlier, with a game as simple as I've Got to Run!, focus needs to be put on either level design or art style, and unfortunately it seems like both of these were neglected.


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Xxx_LordJed_xxX (guest) 12.10.2015#1

I'm surprised you gave this game any more that a ONE. This game is terrible! What happened to Nintendo's seal of quality?

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