Me & My Pets 3D (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Adam Anouer 12.10.2014

Review for Me & My Pets 3D on Nintendo 3DS

When most people think of interactive pet games many will be drawn back to the fond memories of the old beloved Tamagotchi digital pets, which spawned inspiration for plenty of video game series. Me & My Pets 3D tries to take a much more realistic approach by giving the chance to not only play with pets, but also build a pet hotel to look after many different animals.

Me & My Pets 3D sets the task of building a pet hotel where people can drop by animals to be taken care of. As the shelter grows so does the amount of animals and it's up to players to look after them by playing mini-games with them, feeding them and giving them medicine, leaving a satisfying feeling that these adorable creatures are being kept safe and cared for.

If Me & My Pets 3D was to be judged by its cover, then the game seems to fit right in with Nintendo's typical bright, friendly and fun nature, but sadly from that point onwards things go downhill. From the very start of the game a set list of objectives are given that need to be fulfilled in order to start up an animal hotel with almost no instruction on how to do so. Then when the chance is granted to play with some animals, players are given the full responsibilities of owning a pet with almost none of the reward.

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In this game it's the players' responsibility to feed, groom and play with the pets at their hotel, in what is essentially an exact replica of the Pokémon Amie feature in Pokémon X / Y. As the hotel grows so do the responsibilities, giving even less time to play with the pets that are under care. In the later stages different types of animals must be looked after, such as birds, dogs and horses, as the mental stress of running a pet hotel begins to take its toll.

As the game proceeds it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the responsibilities and this is further exacerbated by the lack of an auto save feature, which unfortunately becomes easier and easier to forget as the mind is focused on constantly taking care of the hotel. Sadly, the game's music also quickly becomes repetitive and mind numbing, making it increasingly difficult to get into a rhythm that'll make anyone want to keep playing. Even the dull, uninspired voice acting within the game seems to grasp the idea that the experience of playing this game is a depressing one.

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Looking after animals on the whole is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, the lack of life and any real enthusiasm or spirit within Me & My Pets 3D doesn't reflect that at all. It provides the full responsibilities of looking after a pet with absolutely none of the reward. Most other animal games deliver that reward through relationship building with a pet as its partner and from watching it grow, but this game completely and utterly destroys that image.


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