Quell Reflect (Nintendo 3DS) Review

By Drew Hurley 18.10.2014

Review for Quell Reflect on Nintendo 3DS

Quell Reflect is a logic puzzle that will be quickly seem familiar to almost any gamer, although not as a standalone game but as a puzzle within another game previously played. Pokémon trainers and Link have regularly had to traverse these puzzles, for example, sliding around gyms and dungeons. The basic premise is sliding raindrops around a window, with inertia carrying it until hitting something physically stops it. On each stage there are pearls to collect and dangers to avoid, with the added complexity of an ideal minimum move score to aim for.

The mechanics of Quell Reflect are very quick to pick up, and as the levels progress more and more features are added. These extra dimensions really make it a unique experience that is a lot of fun to keep coming back to.

There is Sokoban-style gameplay that involves using moving obstacles to change the path around a level, with the addition of up to four raindrops, having to sacrifice some of the raindrops to get through deadly ones, the ability to slide off one side of the screen to come back on the other, moveable dangers and much more.

Screenshot for Quell Reflect on Nintendo 3DS

Along with the standard method of progressing through the stages, there is also a hidden gem on each one. These can be below deadly traps and hidden in destructible walls, though, so care must be taken. These gems and the set amount of moves aspect expand the lifespan considerably.

Compared to the mobile version, Quell Reflect comes with 3DS-exclusive levels that are unlocked on completion of all the regular ones, and there are also numerous achievements to work towards for the completionists out there.

Screenshot for Quell Reflect on Nintendo 3DS

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Quell Reflect for Nintendo 3DS eShop is a game that is well worth picking up for any fans of the genre. It's fun and chilled and just difficult enough without being frustrating. It has a decent lifespan thanks to replayability of the levels, aiming for the perfect minimum number of moves and tracking down the hidden gems. Speaking of hidden gems, if ever on the hunt for one, buy this and there will be no regrets.


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