Worms 3D (GameCube) Review

By Jack 21.10.2003

Multiplayer gaming, in many people's opinions, is gaming and they are possibly correct. This is where Worms has always excelled. There is not one thing that we can pin on the Worms series that makes it superb, it just has, something. The fun of this game is rarely equalled. Bazooka or sheep, you're going to laugh. No doubt about it. So, where did it go wrong this time?

We will get this part over with first. Since most gamers will buy Worms 3D with the multiplayer in mind, we see it as the most important factor. The original games required almost angelic skill to pull off tasks and manoeuvres. You couldn't simply jump (well hop) across an entire landscape and 'prod' somebody off the edge. It took skill. Precarious use of the ninja rope, and strategically placed girders were the order of the day, to pull off that perfect, nearly laugh out loud moment. It is here where this incarnation goes wrong. To hit somebody on Worms with the bazooka took something special. Precise aiming and carefully watching the wind would ensure that you got a direct hit. Now however, it is all too simple to grab a jetpack, fly across the map and 'bazooka' someone at near point blank range, it has lost that Worms feeling that you would expect. Skill is rarely involved; it's more along the lines of whoever goes first wins. This can be counter acted however by changing settings so certain weapons don't appear, or worms are stuck on the spot. This shouldn't need to be done though; it should have been made fairer, a lot fairer.

A very impressive part of the multiplayer working is the 'Wormpot'. A simple to use fruit machine that spurts out random game scenarios, so all games are different. If you want extra explosive weapons, or constant low gravity, it's all in there. There are literally millions of different maps, no exaggeration. Type in some random number and amazingly, there is a different map, every time. Obviously some are going to be very similar. But this must be one of the lengthiest multiplayer's ever.

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To be honest, they have tried with the weapons. You can't simply use the shotgun and aim at them without the targeting cursor moving at all. In sniper view it has a slightly 'wobbly' approach so you can't shoot somebody on the other side of the map quite so simply. All the old favourites are there. The flying sheep, nagging old grannies and complementary holy hand grenade do wonders for the overall fun of the game. The destructive properties are phenomenal. All the weapons destroy the maps in great realism. Aiming as said is much, much harder, particularly the bazooka. Hitting someone at range is damn near almost impossible. Taking into account the fact wind is now 3D, you have to make sure it doesn't come back at you then turn a bit straight into a barrel placed behind you. Hardly fun, but you soon learn to take things in your stride, they couldn't make it to easy could they?

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Basically the game is turn-based strategy where you are literally 'blowing the crap' out of the opposing teams. You have roughly one minute to survey the ever demolishing battleground, before your turn ends and unfortunately, some other worm gets to shoot at you! There isn't that much in terms of objectives. More things like 'Save Boggy B from Boggy Pete by killing his loyal henchmen'. Not exactly inspiring, but Worms was always humour based. Anyone remember the good old Concrete Donkey? It's back. Unfortunately it is only available out of a crate, but when we have got hold of it, laughter comes without warning.

The graphics are first-class. It is inspiring seeing the entire landscape slowly deform in front of your eyes. It rarely slows down, since Worms isn't exactly fast paced (their worms y'see). The worms themselves have wonderful facial expressions and seeing them silently scream when you place a mine in front of them is simply superb. Unfortunately, through intensive playing, we've noticed a slight problem. When jumping specifically, an 'invisible wall' may get in the way. It may be a small one. But a simple jump on a precarious ledge is hardly easy as it is, but with the addition of you catching a miniscule piece of land, it is a matter of life and death and in worms you certainly want to be alive!

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Sound is an average aspect of the game. All the scenarios and levels have suitable little tunes to go with them. Graveyards are given a spooky atmosphere, whereas fun fairs are a little chirpier. The explosive sounds emitted once you have exploded that bouncy super sheep are fairly well accomplished. The Uzi sound is a bit poor but air strikes more than make up for that. The wonderful whistle as the six bombs drop onto an unsuspecting enemy is great, and the little plop as the worms land in the water is just right. Unfortunately, the bland tunes do nothing at all to inspire except the odd one here or there. The sound is surprisingly good but is nothing revolutionary.

The controls are easy to get used to, very easy. It's a simple move then shoot game. The control stick moves your worm around, 'A' fires, 'R' aims, 'X' is choose weapon and 'B' jumps, fairly simple. One problem we sometimes find is that the camera, after firing a shot (bazooka specifically) may not follow the explosive. Often also, you miss the death of another worm because the camera may decide not to follow the action at that point. It's hardly a big, big thing, but it's still annoying.

The game itself, from a single player point of view is not really very large. It has all the usual parts. A campaign mode (blowing stuff up), challenge mode (jumping around or blowing stuff up) and the damn fine multiplayer (blowing your mates up). Unfortunately the multiplayer isn't quite as addictive as the preceding games. When you finish a game, you don't have quite the same 'urge' to keep playing. Basically, you're going to play a little while, then put it away and play Super Smash Bros for about five hours. It doesn't have the addiction factor it always used to. It's still a good game, but if you don't have friends it isn't going to last very long.

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Team 17 know a good formula when they see it, even if it is simple. Move, shoot, wait. Move, shoot, wait. It's not really much in the sense of game structure but it works well. It is certainly an accomplished game, but we didn't find that it was a particularly sufficient leap in its almost one series genre. It's a very good game none the less and well worth buying, but only if you have friends. If you don't, stay well clear.


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