Just Dance 2015 (Wii U) Review

By Adam Riley 15.11.2014

Review for Just Dance 2015 on Wii U

The Just Dance series seems to have gone from strength to strength and seemingly shows no signs of slowing down, although the main sales seemed to stem from the Wii iteration, meaning the test will be this year with other formats taking the main stage. For this review, though, Cubed3 takes a look at the Wii U edition of Just Dance 2015 to see how it fares on Nintendo's newer home console.

The last time Cubed3 looked at the Just Dance series - Just Dance 4 on Wii - it was trying to tap into the then lucrative fitness market, offering players the chance to 'Just Sweat' and burn calories as they 'worked out.' Thankfully that has been given a backseat in favour of a smoother integration of online services, allowing for videos of performances to be captured using the Wii U GamePad and uploaded for the world to see, joining in with regional dance crews for tournaments, or simply tackling a favourite song and competing against others around the world that want a piece of the action to achieve the highest score and that ultimate sense of satisfaction that they are the best movers and shakers around - or can simply gyrate the Wii Remote in such a way that the game is fooled into thinking they are hot stuff, anyway! The calorie counting option is still there, but not as prominent as before, and the experience is all the better for it.

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Yes, the Just Dance craze is back and hotter than ever. Matching the little dance prompt icons that slide onto the screen may seem rudimentary and stale now, but it works just as well as it ever did, although many will likely prefer to just emulate the funky on-screen dancers as they strut their stuff against neon-coloured backdrops that are full of life to keep the entertainment stakes high. There is more enjoyment from attempting to mimic the dancers than accurately follow the icons...but it all depends on the skills of people involved, obviously.

Over 40 tracks to dance to (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Avicii…and even some Tetris for good measure), alternative choreographies (including a set for those wanting to play whilst seated), Community Remixes where players can record/upload their own moves (favourites voted for by the public and then worked into the game by the development staff), joining dance crews around the world to become the ultimate star, checking online leaderboards to see personal global standings… There is so much packed into Just Dance 2015 that it looks like its popularity is not set to die down just yet. Ubisoft has done a great job of developing the series and managed to keep this fresh and fun for all the family.

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Rated 9 out of 10

This year's edition of the Just Dance series lifts the game beyond its former releases thanks to its focus on treating players to various extras the more they play and integrating the online component so smoothly into the regular play. There will always be a tendency to jiggle the Wii Remote randomly in the hope of getting a good score, but that is the player's fault, not that of the game. Just Dance 2015 on Wii U is as close to perfection in the genre as possible, also allowing for extra points to be accrued by singing along via the GamePad's microphone for good measure.









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