Metrico (PS Vita) Second Opinion Review

By Adam Anouer 30.12.2014

Review for Metrico on PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita has so far had a hard time living up to its potential of console quality gaming on the go. However, while the system may be lacking in triple-A quality, the one thing that has found a good home on the system is independent gaming with many creative takes on classic formulae to create some truly beautiful results. Puzzle platform title Metrico does a good job stepping into the system with its own unique twist on an ever growing formula. After an initial look at this intriguing title, get ready for a C3-2-1 second opinion review right now…

Metrico's main selling point is its creative use of infographics to create a truly challenging and unique experience for those who like a puzzle. Everything in the world of Metrico responds to the actions of the player, which as a result allows the game to feel big and alive, and for a puzzle game this is a very impressive trait. The game looks fantastic and runs at wonderfully smooth rate of 30fps with almost no slowdown at all.

What makes it truly interesting is the fact that every action the player makes has a response in the world around them, whether it's through jumping, running, or even dying to open up new pathways to progress in the game.

Screenshot for Metrico on PS Vita

This game doesn't punish players by taking away lives and forcing them to restart the level in order to retry the challenge but tries to encourage and help them learn to figure out the best course of action. The world is constantly moving allowing for constant thinking on the feet and finding the best way forward by utilising their movement in challenging and often creative ways.

One of the most unique aspects of Metrico is that while most puzzle games like to challenge gamers, here it seems more focused on teaching how to overcome those hurdles and, in the end, beat it. At no point is there frustration with the level of difficulty, and in fact the further gamers proceed, they will feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience further. Metrico provides a very good challenge and is great to play, so it is recommended as one to pick up if wanting something to keep the mind busy is order of the day.

Screenshot for Metrico on PS Vita

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Metrico really stands out as a puzzle platformer by sticking to simple a gameplay system, which is fun to play and really easy to jump into. The only thing that might feel tacked on are the very rare moments in which the Touch Screen needs to be used in order to proceed, which serves as more of a gimmick than a real route to progression.


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