Ampu-Tea (PC) Review

By André Eriksson 19.01.2015

Review for Ampu-Tea on PC

In Ampu-Tea the goal is to make a cup of tea... with a newly amputated arm! The purpose is to simulate how hard it is to control and understand how much work there is actually behind things taken for granted by most. It is a game that falls in line with other hard to control titles that grew in popularity thanks to games such as QWOP and Surgeon Simulator. These kinds of games are usually not too much fun to play, but hilarious to watch and see how well they can be played. What category does Ampu-Tea fall into?

The goal in Ampu-Tea is to make a cup of tea. Simple, isn't it? It could have been, but the character has a newly amputated arm and has yet to learn how to control it. Besides learning how to make a cup of tea then, the lead character must also learn how its new arm works.

The gameplay is relatively easy to get into and pretty self explanatory, but the execution is really hard. The controls are precise and demand some practice to get used to. Even something as easy as grabbing and placing a tea cup will be difficult at first, but that's the point of Ampu-Tea: to show how hard it is to live with an amputated arm.

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Ampu-Tea captures the feel of being unable to control the new arm very well. Sadly, though, it fails to be entertaining to play. It is only frustrating to play until the controls are learned, and after that point the game is extremely easy as there is really only one thing to do: to make a cup of tea. Ampu-Tea is a clear example of a title that is much more fun to watch someone else play than to play themselves. It is, in other words, a perfect Let's Play title.

Ampu-Tea does succeed with the Let's Play aspect very well and might become a cult classic in the YouTube and Twitch community. Sadly, that is all there is to say about it. A short title and once the player knows the controls there is very little reason to return to it, other than telling friends to try it out.

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Ampu-Tea is a great game to watch someone play and is, therefore, a natural buy for any Let's Player out there. The short nature of the game makes it a good shoe-in during a longer project to help change things up slightly. However, for everyone else who does not do Let's Plays, sadly Ampu-Tea does not offer enough content or entertainment to justify a buy.









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