The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith (PlayStation 3) Review

By Drew Hurley 21.01.2015

Review for The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith on PlayStation 3

The Wolf Among Us is one of the two grand episodic titles that brought the adventure game genre back in a big way. With this retrospective review series, Cubed3 looks back at the PlayStation 3 version to see what made it so special. Welcome to Episode 1: Faith.

For the uninitiated, Fables is a series of Vertigo comics created by Bill Willingham and has become quite a phenomenon. With over a hundred issues and a bunch of spin-offs based on some of the most popular Fables characters, there's already a gigantic world of source material. Fables sees all the storybook characters leaving their individual worlds for the modern day real world. This isn't just classic fairytale characters and Disney Princess, yet there are some really great recreations of iconic characters from numerous stories along with myths and legends.

The game has a number of comic favourites, along with a handful of brand new characters, too. The protagonist is the Sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby the "Big Bad Wolf." Working for the deputy mayor of Fabletown, Ichabod Crane and his assistant Snow White, Bigby finds himself not the most popular person in town - the downtrodden Fables tend to think of Bigby as the muscle for a corrupt office.

The story picks up with a domestic disturbance and does a superb job of introducing both the world of Fabletown and its inhabitants. Following Bigby through the initial investigation through to seeing the politics of his office, the general tone of the people it manages, and escalating to the story arc that will is served across the five episodes, is all done seamlessly. The story flows and keeps the player fully engaged throughout.

Screenshot for The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith on PlayStation 3

The Wolf Among Us introduces a number of original characters outside of the comics, and this episode includes the Tweedle brothers Dee & Dum and Grendel from the Beowulf Fable. These designs are very well done, fitting with both the signature Telltale art style and that of the comics.

One of the ways this series stands out from The Walking Dead is that the combat QTE scenes are fantastically dynamic and visceral. This first episode includes a great one right from the get go. There are numerous choices during the fight scenes too, choosing to make Bigby a dirty fighter - what is best, throwing an opponent onto the couch or through the cabinet? Bigby's character can also be crafted to the player's responses and discussion choices. For example, Bigby can calmly listen to complaints or heatedly reply with a string of four letter words.

The title brings many of the adventure game tropes expected; exploring environments, choosing what replies to give in conversations, Quick-Time Events and, most importantly, some top tier writing.

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The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith sets the tone and the expectations for the rest of the series, and does it well. The Universe from the comics is well represented, the original characters are superbly designed, and the visceral combat scenes really stand out. Here's hoping the other episodes live up to the standard set here.









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