The Wolf Among Us - Episode 3: A Crooked Mile (PlayStation 3) Review

By Drew Hurley 01.02.2015

Review for The Wolf Among Us - Episode 3: A Crooked Mile on PlayStation 3

Warning: Each episode review will contain spoilers for the previous one. The review of Episode 1: Faith can be found here.

The last episode (Smoke and Mirrors) built up a lot of the overall mystery, with Snow's apparent death and then the truth of her body actually belonging to the missing escort "Lily" who was using a glamour to look like her, the revelation of Crane being behind the murder! Plenty of twists and a cliffhanger to keep players enthralled, setting up how Crane had been watching Bigby through the magic mirror, ending with Crane smashing it and, presumably, preparing his escape.

This third episode starts up just where the previous one closed: Bigby standing in the room where Lily was killed, with the evidence showing it was Ichabod Crane all along - a dark turn indeed and a disturbing one for Snow. Now Bigby begins an investigation into Ichabod while trying to protect Snow.

With Ichabod in the wind, this chapter sets up a choice of where to investigate, giving the player a selection of three locations. These make for slight variations to the story throughout the rest of the episode, and are enough to warrant a few play-throughs to see all of the alternative story pieces. Each really helps to flesh out the world and develop various characters.

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Another major comic character makes his debut this time round, as Flycatcher appears. Like Jack, it's great to see a comic favourite appear, but again, unfortunately, it's a little brief. It's also great to some secondary characters that have previously been introduced get fully fleshed out. One of the girls at the Pudding Pie "Nerissa," likely better known as "Ariel" as it's the original Little Mermaid Fable, becomes a much more prominent figure here.

This chapter really shines, with great twists to the story and some superb character development. Some of the characters really come into their own and are much more recognisable from the versions in the comics. More and more of the choices are beginning to pay off, and it shows, with rarely a black and white option and Bigby living in the grey areas of morality.

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The Wolf Among Us - Episode 3: A Crooked Mile is superb! The action scenes are visceral and highly enjoyable, the story keeps the player on their toes as it develops, and revelations are really surprising. There are numerous aspects of the episode that are worth replaying just to see the other results of choices. Finally selections actually show some consequences…









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